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New Release: Irekanmi by Opeyemi Adelegan


Idowu Opeyemi Adelegan is a worship leader, songwriter, and gospel musician. She is a lover of Jesus with proof and her music genre is mainly contemporary worship. She has been a lover of music from an infant which made her join the choir at a very tender age.
She was once the choir coordinator of the FSF OOU chapter where she served, and also a present member of eternal life voices and has been able to contribute her quota to the growth of the groups.

About the song “Irekanmi”

Irekanmi is a Yoruba way of saying “Goodness has found me” or “it’s my turn for blessings”. The inspiration for “Irekanmi” came from life experiences and testimonies of God’s overwhelming love. It also emanated from a heart of gratitude to God for the light He radiated on my part and for standing by His words which says in Matthew 5:14
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
It is also a proclamation of faith to all His spoken words coming to full manifestation… So speak Goodness into your life by listening to this song and Goodness shall indeed find you.


iretomiwa irekanmi/2ce
Emi eni igbagbe tao ro ire mo
Emi eni aba ta fi ra atupa
Irekanmi momore.
Erupe lasan te mi emi iyesi
Emi ti ire o tosi,oyanmi pin ire fun
Oreofe re lo to funmi
Jesu momore
Baye ti fe funmi ma ko lori
Owomi susu,osomi deni ajitanawo
Emi irejina si,to so deni npin ire
Eledumare momore
Verse 2:
Eni to wamiri gba, mo jin sinu ijakule aye
Kofimi sile sini agiju igbagbe
Ofami Jade kuro ninu ofin ikoro
O ranti mi si rere
O womi susu,osemi laanu
Nigba airo,Oran iranwo Simi
Otan imole sipa to Yan funmi
Oduro timi nibi ayanmo
Ofami lowo dide debi giga
Ofi ire wa Miri
Verse 3:
Iri ajo aye omase dari lie si emire ton tomi
Fami lowo dani ni iri ajo Yi
Kin mase shese gbe
Kin ma seru egbe
Kin ma sise oni ise
Ifere kose laye mi
Call: imole totan yi
Rep:koma se wo mo
Call:ona ipe tola Yi
Resp:koma se di lielie
Call:ki iji ko dawo duro,ki alaafia re ma bami gbe
Resp: ona mi ko la peregede
Call:ki gbogbo ikolo mi ko pada
Resp:bi eni nlala
Call: ki ire tomiwa,ka pin irekanmi
Rep:ka fi ire wami ri
Ire fi ilemi se ibugbe
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call:ire owo,ire omo,ire alaafia
Resp; irekanmi momore
Call:ire tin deru boshi, koto,koka,kola
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call: oreofe,ebun ofe,eso emi nbami gbe
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call:anikun ire,Ani seku ire
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call:ire nbami su,obami ji
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call: ire ni gusu,ariwa,Iwo ati ila oru
Resp irekanmi momore
Call:ire wami  wale,ni gbogbo ona ka ro irekanmi
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call:ire yanmife,ati pin irekanmi
Resp: irekanmi momore
Call:ire ire ire ire ire ire ire ire mope
Resp: irekanmi momore

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