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Je Ka Ki by Tope Alabi Mp3 Download with Lyrics

Download Jeka Ki by Tope Alabi mp3 audio with lyrics and live video.

The song Jeka Ki has been performed by Tope Alabi on several occasion at her love ministrations, here is a video below of one of such performances.


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Tope Alabi JeKa Ki Video

Jeka Ki Lyrics

Jeka Ki, Ka Ki, Ka ki o
Jeka Ki, Ka Ki Ka Ki

Call and response
Je ka ki, ka ki,
Oti leku lo, arun ti sofo
Jeka ki, ka ki ka ki

O ti gbomo de, Ogbowo de
Okolade, oko better de
Jeka ki, ka ki ka ki

Oti marun lo
oti si ade ogun sori ota gbogbo
Ka ki, ka ki, ka ki

oti muyi tun tun wa
ogo tun tuntun de
Jaaki tori oun tose
Ka ki, ka ki, ka ki

Je ka ki tori oluwa dara o
Ka ki, ka ki, ka ki

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Download Jeka Ki mp3

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