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Joshua Rogers – Pour Your Oil Download (with Lyrics)

Pour Your Oil by Joshua Rogers is the fourth track off Joshua Rogers ‘Returning‘ album. The song Pour Your Oil with its lyrics talks about the in-filling of the Holy Spirit with His anointing. Download and listen to Pour Your Oil by Joshua Rogers below.

Pour Your Oil – Joshua Rogers Audio

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Pour Your Oil Lyrics

Pour your oil on me
Let it fall down on me
from the top of my head to my feet
Pour your oil on me
Let it fall down on me
I want your glory…Want your glory
I want your glory…want your glory

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Here’s my heart, here’s my soul
Holy Spirit come in
Fill me with your consuming fire
I want your glory…want your glory

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Returning Album Details

Returning by Joshua Rogers depicts is self-explanatory. Reason being that Joshua Rogers has been on a ‘brief’ hiatus of five years since his last album “Unconditional” in 2013.
Prior to the Unconditional album, Joshua Rogers made his debut album after he left Sunday Best in 2012 titled “Well Done“.
Returning by Joshua Rogers is preceded with two singles “Don’t Leave Me” and “Pour Your Oil“.
Don’t leave me is the first track on the album. The album boasts of 14 tracks as a whole.
By the way, Joshua Rogers has gained some pounds on this album cover as compared to the previous pictures we have seen. This is really a ‘Big Returning’…

About Joshua Rogers

Joshua Rogers (born March 22, 1994) is gospel artiste who became the winner of the fifth season of BET’s Sunday Best in 2012. He was the first male to win and also the youngest winner so far, being a winner of the series at the age of 18.
Joshua Rogers joined Mixed Bag Entertainment in 2016 as his record label working with Grammy Award-winning producer Black Elvis. The result of that deal is what leads to this new album “Returning”.

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