Kirk Franklin Is Going Through Divorce, See Why

Kirk Franklin raised the alarm that he is going through a divorce, but do not panic, he is still so much in love with his wife of over 20 years, Tammy. Then you ask, Divorce? yes! see what and why below.

Yeah…it’s true….that unfortunately, the only way I can get you guys to read what I have to say is to satisfy the thirst for tea that all of us including me have developed with social media pouring us a cup every freaking day.

But yes…the divorce is true, and real for a lot of us. And it’s painful like divorces should be. It’s the tearing away of things that have become dear, but not beneficial. Habits, ways, thought patterns, that we’ve developed for most of our lives. See, they didn’t tell us that if you were negative before you became a Christian, you can still be one after you become a Christian. Whatever your old spouse is…lying, lust, fear, performing, that lover has to go. But leaving him/her won’t be easy. You can speak in tongues till your lips look like powdered donuts, shout till that kitten heel breaks, if you don’t renew your mind, clean your thinking, and have a crew of friends that check you and challenge you constantly, in love, you will love Jesus but never experience His power. It’s hard.. every divorce is. But that old man is taking up space that God wants to build the new YOU in. It’s a new year…sign them papers with me.

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