KJ-52 Hints New Album Inspired By His Name ‘Jonah’

Via Rapzilla.com
Longtime Christian hip-hop veteran KJ-52 just announced his first independent release, Jonah will be coming soon, and also showed off the cover art and tracklist.

KJ’s real name, Jonah Sorrentino, serves as the inspiration for what he describes as his “most transparent/humorous/serious/entertaining and poignant tracks” to date.

“The grind of life can really wear on your creativity but this newest project that I’ve been working on could be the most powerful stuff I’ve done since the beginning of my career,” he wrote. “The new record was inspired by my real name and reflects the transparency of how I’ve been feeling in my current writing.”

KJ’s 11th studio album will feature eight tracks:

1. Hold on ft. Curt Anderson
2. The get down get down
3. More of you less of me ft. Whosoever South
4. Best Day ever ft. Chris August & Mr. Talkbox
5. Day job ft. Sean Johnson
6. Nah Bruh ft. Canon & B. Cooper
7. Lockdown ft. B.Reith
8. You should already know ft. D

KJ is also proud to announce that he is “going to make this record together” with the fans using a PledgeMusic campaign. 5% of proceeds will go to The K-Love Hope Center.

For more info on Jonah, plus a list of all the pledging perks, check out the campaign here.

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