Lecrae Performs A Legendary Spoken Words At BET Hip-Hop Awards, But…

Lecrae at the BET Hip Hop Awards delivered a speech BET calls “one of this year’s Hip-Hop Awards most powerful and memorable moments”. Focusing on social injustice in America and relating it to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, the wordsmith and author said that he will never stop fighting for people’s right.

The rapper spoke on behalf of millions of people whose voices are not heard, but we believe he could have pointed to the audience, listener, readers and everyone at large that Jesus, and his love is the solution we need. That’s gospel!

In his closing line, the emcee and multiple Grammy Awards Winner referenced president Obama for keeping the country on hold for two terms. Read his speech below.
Words by Lecrae:
They tellin’ us make “America Great Again”

I’m like hol’ up, when was America great again?
Was it when they took us from our native land?
Or maybe it was when they took the natives’ land?

Let me be quiet


‘Cause being silent is pitiful

It’s something I never do

After Philando, man, I’m wondering where was you?

They ask for your opinion

All you thinking is revenue

Never do

I pray to God he make you a better you

Now, I know

Some of us we don’t know who we are

We’re too content with the gold and the cars

We got low self-esteem chasing dreams

With a goal in our heart

But society then drove us apart

Look at us from sellin’ dope to our own kind

To a dope rhyme
Radio then played it more times
Paid in more dimes
To some industry exec
Getting checks
From a private prison
With the rap money he invest

Now, I know you’re like is this rap or is this gospel

Look, all you need to know is that I was blind

Now I’m not though

Real recognize real

If they don’t love me like ‘Pac

They gon’ respect how I’m moving

And then I’m never gonna stop

‘Cause we was taken from Africa

Sold and treated like animals

Culturally denigrated and separated from families

But somehow we made it this far

And stood firm
With nappy hairs and perms
And led for two terms. – Written by KC Orcutt

Jesus is the only solution to the world’s problems!

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