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Have you ever asked yourself what worship is in your own life? Have you ever wondered what a lifestyle of worship really entails? What does worship mean to you as a believer and a lover of Christ? Truly, 5 different people will have 5 different answers to the question ‘What is worship?’. Each of which would be right in a particular sense.

However, we need to understand what true worship is to us as God’s creation. What is the standard of worship as explained by the Bible? Does worship happen through songs? Is worship meant to be continuous? In practicing a lifestyle of worship, do I have to lay self aside?  These are some of the questions that bother our hearts as we seek to know more about God. Let’s get started

What is worship?

Worship is our response to God’s love and His grace. To know God is to worship Him, Psalm 29. Worship is not a section or part of our lives, it is the way we live our lives. Our existence is for the glory of God, His pleasure and His fulfillment. This is why we live to worship.

When we have a good knowledge of who God is, we acknowledge that He is worthy of our praise and truly great. At this point, worship becomes our orientation. The importance of worship in the life of a believer cannot be overemphasized.

Psalm 147:11, the Bible explains that the Lord is pleased when we worship. We should also understand that our worship is a process of growth. It gets deeper and deeper as we grow in Christ. A lifestyle of worship isn’t stumbled upon, it doesn’t just happen, it is cultivated.

Benefits of Worship

What is worship? Lifestyle of worship

We will only find satisfaction when we tend to worship God and when we fear Him. Ecclesiastes 12:13, the Hebrew word used for fear is yare’. This means to reverence, to honor, to respect, to stand in awe. There are lots of similarities between this and the meaning of worship.

That being said, here are some of the benefits of a lifestyle of worship:

  • A closer walk with God

Cultivating a lifestyle of worship and learning what true worship helps us to get closer to God. Worship means submission and submission is a prerequisite for a closer walk with God.

Research has it that the longer you stay with someone, the more secrets about them you have access to. A lifestyle of worship launches us into deeper places with God. This means we are at an advantage. I would be in a hurry to pick up a friend’s call rather than that of a stranger. In the same vein, true worshippers are friends of God and are prioritized. 2Chronicles 7:17-18

  • A lifestyle of worship brings victory

This is self-explanatory. It only took pure worship to God to bring confusion to the camp of the enemy. 2Chronicles 20:17. We can, therefore, say that how you worship God in truth and in spirit explains how determined you are for victory.

Worship brings us to a place of peace in all areas of our lives. We do not need to struggle as others do. This is because we go about with the presence of God.

  • Worship repels depression

What is worship? Lifestyle

We are shielded from certain peril simply because we have to reverence God in our lifestyle. Believers who have embraced a lifestyle of worship cannot be bothered about depression.

A life of worship is a life of joy and total satisfaction. Singing, dancing, lifting up holy hands are all forms of worship. However, what God wants is that our ways align with him and this can only be done in the place of submission. What have you benefited from living a life of worship? Kindly share your views with other readers.

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