Limited Free Download! Isabella and Evans Igboi drop ‘All HailThe King’

The highly anticipated single from two of Nigeria’s leading UK-based multi-award winning Gospel artistes, Isabella and Evans Igboi is out now! Definitely an anthem for worshipers, All Hail The King is ironically a very simple and yet explosively anointed masterpiece. This melodious ballad undeniably facilitates an atmosphere of worship and is sure to take the listener into deep and intense worship of the King!

All Hail The King is definitely a winning combination with just the right dose of musicality, spirituality and  simplicity, a perfect composition for both private and corporate worship.

FREE download of All Hail The King is available during the whole month of December 2014 so don’t miss it. Download it for free NOW.

Watch Isabella and Evans talk about the making of All Hail The King here on YouTube

An official video for All Hail The King will be released in 2015. Glory to God!

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