There Is A Sound Lyrics – Kurt Carr

There Is A Sound is the 21st track off Kurt Carr’s Bless This House album released 2013. I so much love this song because it describes my Jesus in a way I have never thought of – A sound. Here is an excerpt from There Is A Sound lyrics and the song below. Be blessed by it.

There is a sound, like none I’ve never heard before
A sacred sound resound in the atmosphere
It’s a sound of awesome melody, that won’t stop ringing in my heart
It’s a sound so pure, so real
This must be called greatest work of all
The sound is…Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!
I’m very solid, shaken by the sound of that name
The sound is beautiful, Jesus’ name is Beautiful, Jesus!
I love the sound of Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!
I will exalt him.
There is a sound (3X)

…and this is where it got more interesting, it says:

(There is a sound) That can set the bound and captive free,
A sacred sound that can make the lost find liberty
They try to kill the sound on old rugged cross
With the nails at Calvary, but the cross can not destroy the sound…

Seriously….words can’t describe it all, listen to the song below, listen to the sound, listen to Jesus!

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