Mali Music and Bri Babineaux Features in New Movie ‘I Am Your Keeper’

Grammy Awards nominated recording artist Mali Music has featured in a new movie ‘I Am Your Keeper’ alongside with the contemporary singer Bri Babineaux. The movie tells the story of violence in Chicago’s inner-city, Mali Music finds himself torn between street life and faith walking. Bri plays Mali’s spouse and Pastor Darrell Griffin plays himself.

I AM YOUR KEEPER is the first of ten feature length films in the “I AM” series created by visionary director, Joel Kapity (DREAMS, BLESSED & CURSED). This passionately complex and riveting story sheds light on the brewing darkness of violence and bloodshed that entangles Chicago’s inner-city. An original film movement in the making unites the most influential brotherhood of pastors and community leaders in a stand against the city’s raging violence. 
At the center of the rebellion is PASTOR DARRELL GRIFFIN (PLAYED BY REVEREND D. DARRELL GRIFFIN HIMSELF), a faithful and pragmatic leader, who puts his life on the frontline in an attempt to save others. Torn by the demands of following God’s voice and meeting his family’s expectations, Darrell finds himself at an unfamiliar crossroad desperate for change. On a similar war-torn path is Mali Music, a young gang member with a tortured soul; yearning to be a better family man, but bound by his loyalty to the streets. Given a deadline with little time nor money, Jamal is frantic to save his own life at any cost.
Beneath the haze of mayhem looms ruthless gang leader, POPS. His false idol complex is a driving force between Darrell’s mission to cease violence and Jamal’s last chance of redemption. With violence and death tolls on the rise, who will win the battle?

I Am Your Keeper is scheduled for release in 2017

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