Marriage Tips: Newly-wed Tasha Cobbs Advises Singles ‘Wedding Party’

Last week, newly married  Tasha Cobbs Leonard shared marriage tips to the singles and about to wed brothers and sister. Read the testimony of her private wedding and be inspired.


It’s still #TBT Right?! True Story: I NEVER wanted a “Wedding.” I always knew that I would be married, but I was just always turned off by the fanfare surrounding weddings! I grew up in a home with both of my parents. Daily, I witnessed the epitome of a Godly Marriage. My parents had normal disagreements, but even in those disagreements they exemplified Christ to my brother and I. To be honest, in my eyes, what weddings had become somehow seemed to have lost that sacredness I felt marriage represented. So, I was always a little torn, because I knew I would be married, I was just never certain of what the ceremony would be! When Kenny and I began having conversations about marriage I took my brainstorming to the maximum level! I thought, what represents who we are? Worship, Prayer, Fun, Laughter, and Family! So why can’t our ceremony be just that? We both agreed on this approach! Boyyyyy did I have to fight my Bestie @adriennegrimsley on this! Ha! She’s the girl with the magical, fairytale, wedding! (She just got married last month) There’s nothing wrong with it… we are all different! But this post is for the single girl or bride to be who is struggling with “who’s gonna be upset if I don’t?!”… Be freed! You don’t have to spend your last dime to prove anything! Your marriage is a covenant between you, your spouse and your GOD! Do what makes you happy! Looking back at these pics… I’m soooooo glad we did it how we wanted to do it! I wouldn’t change one thing! Just felt like sharing the #thoughtsfromtashascouch behind the private ceremony of #leonard2infinity 😘 Sidebar: it was SMALL… it def wasn’t CHEAP!!!! “Let he who hath an eye… SEE…” 🤣 it’s all in the details! 😂 Photos By: @imerickrobinson!!!

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