Mercy Chinwo – Satisfied Download (Full Album)

Mercy Chinwo is one of the most inspiring gospel artistes in Nigeria. Regardless of whether she sings on her own or collaborates with other artists, the talented Mercy Chinwo brings the house down with her praise and worship. Listening to Mercy Chinwo has an effect of drawing you closer to God.

Her latest album- Satisfied- is a blend of 14 soul-lifting and heartwarming worship in diverse Nigerian languages. Some of which she had already released as singles.


Udeme, which is translated “My Portion” is an Ibibio worship song. Mercy blesses God in this song for his love and declares Him her Portion.

Download Udeme by Mercy Chinwo


Kosi is translated No One. No one is like our God. Not even one. This song is Mercy’s first song fully done in Yoruba, and, of course, she has well delivered it.

Download Kosi by Mercy Chinwo

Strong Tower

The Lord indeed is a Strong Tower and a hiding place for His children. We cannot be exposed to the dangers lurking around the world when we have safety in the Shadow Of God’s wings.

Download Strong Tower by Mercy Chinwo

Sure Thing

Mercy Chinwo says we should praise God at every given opportunity because that is the surest thing to do. This song is in line with the scripture that says “give thanks to God always, for this is the will of God concerning you”. The song is done in Nigerian pidgin.

Download Sure Thing by Mercy Chinwo


Onye means Who. It is a contemporary Igbo worship by Mercy Chinwo. The song is a worship song to God. Indeed, who is like our God? Who can love us like He does.

Download Onye by Mercy Chinwo

Baby Song

It is such a beautiful thing to be Jesus’ baby, and Mercy Chinwo has declared herself one.
She boldly declares the goodness of Jesus upon her life and upon everyone around her.

Download Baby Song by Mercy Chinwo


Obinasom’ is a joyful tune rendered majorly in Igbo language. The name translated means ‘my heart is full of joy’. It is a beautiful love song to Jesus our King.

Download Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo


Akamdinelu’ By Mercy Chinwo is one song that is sure to take you down memory lane real fast. You can’t help but be thankful when you think of how far God has brought you and the price Jesus had to pay for the life you now live and enjoy.  This song emphasizes the fact that indeed, life makes no sense without Jesus. God has been faithfully even in our unfaithfulness.

Download Akamdinelu by Mercy Chinwo

Tasted Of Your Power

Our God is all-powerful- Omnipotent. In this song, Mercy Chinwo declares to the world that she has tasted of God’s power, that He is real and He is indeed a great God.

Download Tasted Of Your Power by Mercy Chinwo


Chinedum is a song that will definitely get you up on your feet and dancing. Done in the Igbo language, this song praises God for his good works.

Download Chinedum by Mercy Chinwo

Na You Dey Reign

Jesus reigns!! Everliving and ever powerful! Mercy Chinwo in this song is a witness to this truth. She declares in Nigeria pidgin that God is Authentic and na im dey reign!

Download Na You Dey Reign by Mercy Chinwo


Jesus is super good. His goodness cannot be overrated. His love stretches through generations and his ways and works never go wrong. Onememma says Jesus is very good, and Mercy Chinwo couldn’t be more right.

Download Onememma by Mercy Chinwo

No More Pains

‘No More Pain’ by Mercy Chinwo is a prayer-song for Nigeria. In the midst of the tribulations, sorrow, deaths, and pain that the country has been faced with, we believe that Jesus is able to make it all good in his time.

Download No More Pain by Mercy Chinwo

Oh Jesus

Oh Jesus is a soulful and highly inspiring song that emphasizes the name of Jesus and how powerful it is. The name of Jesus is not just any other name. As believers, we know recognize that the name of Jesus carries unimaginable potential accessible that whosoever believes and appropriates it.

Download Oh Jesus by Mercy Chinwo

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