Nathaniel Bassey: “Is HE Truly a Living God..?”

Nathaniel Bassey, the Alagbada Ina singer took to his social media page to clarify some on the issues Christians face in this journey of faith, moment of trials that makes one question the existence of God or His abilities. We have put together this words and thoughts of Nathaniel Bassey for your easy digest. Read below and be inspired. 
From time to time folks tend to ask questions along these lines. Is God Real? And does He answer prayers? Does He speak? Is He truly a living God? And when this comes from believers, you can almost always tell this stems from some trials, issues and troubles of life they are faced with. And to be honest, it’s quite understandable. We all have been there before, at least to certain varying degrees. But as we grow in Christ we must come to the place where His reality to us is not a function of our needs being met. GOD is still GOD despite our trials.

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He is God from beginning to the end, and not a room, space or place for argument. If we add every problem in this whole world, and those from the unborn generation, they are absolutely nothing before this God. He is so big, so wide, so deep, so high, so great, so powerful, so awesome, so holy, so true, and so real. He’s not about to stop being God because of one person’s issues. He can’t become a liar because of my problem that just one angel of His can sort out. If It appears as though that situation is lingering despite all you have prayed, it may just be an issue of:

2. FINDING OUT HIS WILL ON THE SUBJECT MATTER (Is what you are believing for in the first place His will for you)
3. IGNORANCE (could it be a question of lack of knowledge on our part concerning his ways and principles to engage? Eg, you may be praying for some money, but prayer alone does not sort money issues. Money answers to certain principles. And prayer can reveal which to deploy.
4. DEMONIC RESISTANCE. Like the story of Daniel and the prince of Persia. Or something else.

Truth is God’s ways are perfect and just, HE IS ALWAYS GOOD. And 💯% of the time He is always right. So He is never the problem. So one of the ways of dealing with issues like this is to arrive at that place where you know in your hearts of hearts that GOD IS GOOD. Know and believe this, then confess, declare and sing this. YOU ARE GOOD AND YOUR MERCIES ENDURES FOREVER. Why is this important? Having this mind set is important in shifting the atmosphere around your mind and life, and realigning your perspective towards God.

You begin to see God in a new light. As He really Is. and this is essentially what faith is. SEEING GOD MORE THAN WE SEE OURSELVES, OUR SITUATIONS AND THE ENEMY. This mind shift changes our approach and attitude towards the whole issue. And people of God, this is when the game changes. But wait a minute….. The very best place to be, however, is that place where you have come to say AT THE END OF THE DAY, EVEN IF HE DOESN’T DO IT, HE IS STILL GOD. YOU ARE STILL MY GOD. AND YOU ARE GOOD. This right here is where the devil doesn’t want you to be. Remember Job? “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him…” Job 13:15. These kinds of people frustrate the devil. They drive him mad and crazy. And after a while, he just can’t handle them any more. This is where I want to be. Where my love, service and praise to God is not a function of what he does. But more importantly, Who He is to me. Because at the end of the day, let’s face it, HE HAS ALREADY DONE EVERYTHING. HE FINISHED IT AT THE CROSS. Hallelujah. So if you are going through a storm in your life right now, please be encouraged. He loves you. He is with you. I pray you become more aware of His goodness and Mercy than you are aware of your troubles in Jesus’ name. It is well. And you shall testify. Good morning.

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