New Album “Journey” By Papa San Drops August, Pre-Order and Listening Available

Grammy Awards winning reggae artist Papa San is set to launch his 7th studio album Journey.  Papa San put out his last project, One Blood, in Jan. 2014. It featured Lecrae, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and Fred Hammond, as well as production from his son, Tyshane.

Journey takes us on a musical walk with the artiste showcasing his relationship and move with Christ through the years, how he overcame obstacles of the past, how he faces challenges of the present and how he keeps grounded in the faith wearing the many hats of Pastor, husband, father among all the other roles he assumes daily and what he looks forward to in the future.

Papa San’s Journey album, is aimed at bringing people to a closer walk with Christ, giving believers a renewal of spirit, and the main message being, the hope for salvation and restoration.

Journey will drop on Aug. 26 and is available for pre-order and listening now.

Journey, life goes on, we move on from the past and look to the future with Jesus”. Words from Papa San as he describes the inspiration for the album name. “Life is not stagnant, life is always a journey”.
He describes how he learned from all experiences in the world and expresses vividly the goodness of God in his life and how He worked and continues to work through him, someone people thought less valuable than others in the past in bringing the Word to the people.

1. Interlude
2. Night Life (feat. Alexis Spight)
3. New Day
4. Ocean Blue (feat. Michelle Williams)
5. Love Me Anyway (feat. Tasan & Stef Silva)
6. Kiss Teeth
7. Movie Star (feat. Nichole Salmon)
8. Too Nice
9. Rocky Diamond (feat. Omar & Tyrone Andrew)
10. A Me
11. Cut Out
12. Loving You
13. God Love
14. Marry Dat Girl
15. Clothes
16. Deal With It
17. Groovy

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