New EP: EX GRATIA by GOR [@houseofradikalz]

A voluntary payment done out of a sense of kindness or grace, without the payer feeling any legal obligation to do so. Ex Gratia!

Does this sound familiar to God sending down His Son to die for the remission of our sins to pay the debt we owe. It was out of Love, not that He had to.

GOR (God’s Own Radikalz), Africa’s foremost Hiphop couple presents The EX GRATIA EP Volume 1, a 7 tracker collection of prophetic, poetic and purposeful music including and intro and outro by  Bishop Jedafe of Breath of Life Church.

The 5 songs that make up the EX GRATIA EP have strong messages that range from warfare in JERICHO (track 2), conscious societal message in SN2R (Say No To Rape – track 3), romance in LOVE IN THE AIR (track 4), motivational and inspirational in GERRUP (track 5) and iKeep (track 6). This is all encompassing music, legally certified to make you feel good and like the salvation through Jesus, it is available pro bono (for free)


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