New Music: Estah – With You We Win (#WYWW)

With You We Win. Estah. Song download

Here is a new song up for download by Estah titled With You We Win. #WYWW

Estah is a Nigerian-born UK Based singer, she introduced us to one of her earliest songs Try Jesus in 2013, and ever since it has been a good journey leading to her debut EP, To Worship The King, and now, here is a new song, With You We Win.

With You We Win is a song of victory in the times of challenge, knowing that the God has never lost a battle and He is not ready to lose yours.

Here is Estah’s story behind the song:

So back in November 2017 I was going through a challenge and I said ‘God I need a song to keep my faith going’, I was praying every night and this melody came to my heart and God said ‘Estah you already have the victory, the battle is mine’.

I searched for the words to express what God told me so I can hold on to it and put a melody to it…….I’m not Igbo but I knew it wasn’t an English word I needed (Some things can’t be expressed in English). So I stumbled on the word Dike N’Agha (awesome in battle) it ministered to me.

I called Tim Godfrey, I called Kelechi Ifeanyi my Igbo brothers ‘how do you pronounce this word?‘, they laughed teaching me how to say it, I’m not even sure if I have pronounced it right, not bothered …..God however has won the victory. Saints whatever your faith challenge, if its of God YOU WILL WIN, We win, we always win. It’s a win win situation with God! #WYWW (With You We Win).

Excerpts from the lyrics

You’re Dike N’Agha o, 
You are here for me. 
Olorun toun segun 
You are Kabiyosi 
With You there’s no defeat. 
There is only victory 
With You we win 
With You we win

We pray and believe that you will find courage and strength to overcome from this song…Download and be blessed.

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