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Get into the brand new inspiring single ‘I Forgive Me‘ from award winning singer, songwriter, and producer James Fortune & FIYA, Available on iTunes and other major online stores..
Exalting the healing power of forgiveness and God’s abundant love, James Fortune’s “I Forgive Me” serves as the first single from his forthcoming project/album DEAR FUTURE ME.
On the new single He shared: “It’s time to get Free! You’ve forgiven everyone else but we sometimes fail to forgive the person we need to most? The person that we often times have the hardest time forgiving, The person you see in the mirror everyday! Maybe it’s something in your past that you’ve done, or maybe it’s something you allowed that you haven’t been able to move past. When you hold on to resentment, guilt, & shame it becomes toxic and affects every NEW thing that God is trying to do in your life.
The cycle won’t be broken until you stop condemning yourself for things that the son has already freed you from. So let’s not waste another day holding on to failures of an old you! You may have failed but you’re not a failure. God says I will forgive your sins and I will remember them no more.

Have you ever had someone say they forgive you but then they keep bringing up what they said they forgave you for? God says I will remember them no more. That means he’s not going to keep bringing your past back up. People do, God won’t. God has already forgiven you so now it’s time to finally forgive yourself. You can’t have a future You until you forgive the old you. Say this and mean it from your heart, I FORGIVE ME!”

Listen to and download ‘I Forgive Me’ below

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