Nicole C. Mullen Shares Touching Story About Her Mother To Mark Mother’s Day Celebration

Nicole C. Mullen shares a wonderful story about her mom Mary Jane Coleman yesterday, the Mother’s day in the US, and we think you guys should all see it. Read story below. My mom is one of the most selfless people that I know! She literally pours out her life for those she loves… Most of the time without us even knowing or seeing it! If she knows that you like something, or notice your supplies getting low, she will search high and low for the coupons to get you 15 of them! :-); Without passing judgement or finding fault, she will do your laundry, sweep a floor…fill in the gap.

When I was small she taught me to memorize some of my first passages of Scripture.
I remember her laying her hands on our heads everyday before catching the bus to school… She would pray for protection and “favor”… I remember…

She has also been a mother to many of my friends, sister girls and associates. I am always hearing new stories of how she has provided food and clothing for those in need, sat and prayed with someone in distress, kept a confidence, attended Grandparents’ Day for some of our Babygirls, counseled their mothers, mailed care packages to those far away, mourned with those who grieved, encouraged the weary… Prayed without ceasing.

Not only is she adored by my sisters, brother, myself and countless others…, but she has been intentional with her grandkids as well.

They all still brag about ‘Cousins Camp’ at her house back in the day, with skillet sized pancakes. They still expect her tight hugs with an original song of ” I feel a hug coming on”… Many times I have even seen her jumping on a trampoline with my sons, throwing a frisbee or playing basketball with them ! (Ummm, she never did this with us…hehe smile emoticon

but at 70, her youth is being renewed and she still has a spring in her step.

My mom regularly invites her children and grandchildren on dates to the movies and a meal… To catch up on life… (And she will have planned it so well that she would have only spent a few bucks! ) She is quick to turn any conversation back to the WORD, revamping the theme so that the Lord takes center stage!

After retiring from 25 years of working with children with special needs, She vowed that her latter days would not be spent solely in a rocking chair… But that she would be about loving people in Jesus’ name… And this she is doing!

My mom is often quiet upon introductions, but once she warms to you… She will began to unleash her wisdom and golden nuggets… (Word to the WISE… it’s important to never call her by her first name (unless you are in her age group) 😊otherwise GRAMS OR MRS./SISTER COLEMAN will do. smile emoticon

… Yes, she still believes in respect and honor…and so do I grin emoticon!

My mom is as smooth as a gentle breeze, and will arrive and vanish like the wind… Now you see her…now you don’t! We tease her about this often…

She has one of the biggest hearts I know and I believe that she is called to another thing that she has been praying over us for many years… NATIONS AND GENERATIONS! I BELIEVE A NEW SEASON IS DAWNING… For HER! (Let me know if you want to book her at your church or event… I might be able to hook you up smile emoticon

The scripture that comes to mind for my mom is: Proverbs 31:29

Many WOMEN have done well, but YOU (MOM) EXCEED them ALL!


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