Olawunmi Olomola Drops New Christmas Single – A Juba Re | @wunmiolomola

Olawunmi Olomola, a psalmist who cherishes leading hearts in worship and praises with her guitar is out new with the worship song ‘A Juba Re’ (We Worship You), an inspiring spirit-filled song that will usher listeners to the place where we acknowledge God for who he is and therein experience the glory of his awesomeness.

This song best fitting for the current season we are reminisces the moment when the wise men came to the place where Baby Jesus was, they bowed down and worshiped, and in that likeness, we join the twenty-four elders at the throne of God bowing and worshiping, as we sing A Juba Re. Won’t you join us?
A Juba Re will be the third official single of Olawunmi Olomola in this quarter, her most recent numbers “You Are Special” and “Let Your Glory Fall” will get you closer to the true talent and message God has deposited for this age in her.

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