One More Night with the Frogs!

Ooh, the day I came across this, I laughed. Even though I hadn’t meant to laugh out loud, I did and the look I got from the lady next to me was a way-more-than-a-suprise kind of look. I’m sure she probably wondered what was so funny in the book I was reading. More so, it wasn’t just any book, It was the Bible which actually explains her surprise. I knew in that instant that I was going to share the story and it’s not just to get amused expressions from people but also because there’s something quite tangible to make out of it, aside
 So,  in Exodus, the Egyptians were afflicted with really terrible plagues because their king, Pharaoh, just wouldn’t let the Isrealites go. One of those plagues was the plague of the frogs and when I tried to imagine it, I literally ran out of my head. I just couldn’t stand the image. Frogs, those hopping, croaking, slimy, yucky… well, wonderful creatures with big eyes were everywhere! They were in the palace, just as much as they were in the ovens. The Egyptians wouldn’t have been able to walk, because frogs were on the roads. They wouldn’t have been able to sleep, because frogs were on the beds. They wouldn’t  have been able to sit, because frogs were on the chairs. They wouldn’t have been able to touch one another because frogs were on the people. They sure wouldn’t have been able to eat because frogs were in the food and I believe they would have been afraid to talk because frogs might jump into their mouths.-(Exodus 8: 3-7). For the hours that it lasted, It was that terrible.
 Then, after a couple of hours, something spectacular happened. The King, Pharaoh summoned Moses and said to him,” Pray to the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my people…”
 Of course, Pharaoh wasn’t comfortable with the frogs and he wanted them gone. Who wouldn’t, anyway?
 Moses, however replied with a statement, more of a blank cheque. He said,“I leave to you the honor of SETTING THE TIME for me to pray that you and your house may be rid of the frogs…”And when the King Pharaoh would talk…(Now this is the shocker..), he said, “Tomorrow
              *   *   *
Okay, this shocks me every time. Did that king just say “Tomorrow“? Whatever happened to “Now!”? I still ask myself what on earth Pharaoh would want with the frogs till the next day? Why would he want to spend one more night with them?

And just as I think of Pharaoh’s absurd answer which I’m sure every Egyptian present in his court as at that time would have wanted his head for, I realized that I actually have no right to raise eyebrows at him for I myself, also make decisions like that. Yes, I also choose to spend one more night with my “frogs” any time I defer a situation or work or an issue that could be addressed at the moment for later.
It’s called procrastination and quite a large number of humans across the earth are guilty of this. Over the years, I’ve said and heard statements such as “Oh! I’m supposed to do this and do that, but I haven’t.” and I realized we delay things a lot of times because we don’t consider them necessary at that moment. What we however fail to realize is that

 “Every day has got its own ‘to-do list’ and it would never be fair on a particular day if we bring the list of the previous day into it, especially when it could have been done.”

Procrastination is simply an “act of putting off impending tasks to a later time.” and in most cases, it can actually be avoided. I once asked a friend of mine why she deferred the completion of an assignment until the day of submission and she had absolutely no answer for it. I knew that deferring it eased her the stress of doing  it when she should have but at the same time, I realized that  procrastination just ends everything up in a rush. I believe that “whatever requires a lot of time to be done should be given a lot of time to do.” For, eventually, the job gets done but often not excellently as well.

I told myself then, that if I have the capacity to do something I’m supposed to do, then it means I should do it. If that assignment can be done now, then it should. If that car can be fixed now, then it should. Whatever can be done now, should be done now. “A stitch in time saves nine anyway”. Who knows? more frogs could just appear overnight. So, Why spend one more night with the “frogs” when they all could be sorted out today?

So, before we raise eyebrows at Pharaoh for wanting to spend one more night with his frogs, let’s be sure we’ve cleared out all of ours first.

“What we have to do, let’s do.”
Written By: Seun Olagunju

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