Onikokoro Orun Kay wonder

Onikokoro Orun by Kay Wonder Download


Download Onikokoro Orun by Kay Wonder. Onikokoro Orun means The One who holds the Keys to the heavens in Yoruba language of Nigeria.
The song is a song of worship and adoration to God Almighty. Onikokoro Orun by Kay wonder will get you grooving in an appreciation mood.

Download Onikokoro Orun by Kay Wonder

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Similar Songs to Onikokoro Orun

Few of the songs that we’ve found similar to Onikokoro Orun are Alagbada Ina by Nathaniel Bassey, Kilojasi by Psalm Ebube and Ese by Kenny K’ore.

These songs are all songs of thanksgiving and worship, magnifying the name and excellence of God from the rising of the sun to its going down.

Download Onikokoro Orun by Kay Wonder

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