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  1. Download Open Up by Dunsin Oyekan mp3 audio with the video and lyrics.

I personally love this song… It is so prophetic and filled with positive declarations.

Dunsin Oyekan Shares this about the mp3 song Open Up:

” There are dimensions and realms in Christ that my generation must see! Let every blockage be opened now! For out of my belly shall flow rivers of living waters! I pray this song will birth an encounter in your life as it has for me! It’s time for the Sons of GOD to Arise and Shine”

Open Up by Dunsin Oyekan Video

Dunsin Oyekan Open Up Lyrics


Open up
Let it flow now
Open up!


Out of the mundane
To where I’m ordained
For things that were made
Were made from things unseen
There are realms of glory
For my world to see
Dimensions found only
In Jesus Christ the Son



Channels of my spirit
Open up!
I am with the Father
Open up!
No boundaries No limits
Open up!
Let deep call unto deep
Open up!

Out of my belly shall flow
Rivers of living water


Let it flow flow flow
Let the River Flow


Open Up by Dunsin Oyekan Mp3 Audio

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