Pastor William McDowell Shares Shocking Story Of Trinity Anderson As She Turns 25 @MizTrinity

Trinity Anderson. William McDowell

The song Spirit Break Out is the reason why most of us know and will never forget Trinity Anderson, the beautiful singer turns 25, and her Pastor, William McDowell shares the story of how they met and how she became part of the family. Read below.

“True story! I was at a conference in Dallas Texas when I had an encounter with God. Laying on my face before God He spoke something to me that I thought was odd. He showed me this person and told me “The girl named Trinity in your home city I am making you responsible for!”

It was odd because while I knew who she was in passing I didn’t actually know her personally. I got up off of the floor and told my wife @simplylatae what the Lord had just spoken to me. After the conference I went home with this in my heart but I didn’t reach out to her.

First I don’t do that type of thing and second I thought how do you even say something like that to someone? Months later I was ministering at a church and she happened to be there.

After the time of ministry she came to the product table and we exchanged pleasantries nothing deep and then I asked her what she was doing in her life? Her answer shocked me and changed both of our lives. She said “waiting on you!” She had no idea what the Lord had spoken to me.

From that day she took a leap of faith. For years I employed her to do nothing but spend time with God because her gift and calling was too precious to be bogged down with other tasks that would take her attention away from God. It was years before I even told her what God spoke to me. I have walked with her every day as a mentor, pastor, big brother and sometimes father.

There have been times when I’ve been tough on her. I’m brutally honest with her but I love her so deeply! She’s literally my protégé. I walk through some doors of opportunity just to hold them open for her! Watching her minister in worship makes me so proud.

She’s amazing! She’s the voice you hear on Spirit Break Out and When You walk into the room. She’s the voice I feature in every live worship moment around the world the last 3 years. Sometimes she’s my sister and other times my daughter but always my friend. I’m humbled that God trusted me with this precious gift to the world. I still feel responsible for her like He told me. I am a covering but not a lid. Her day is soon approaching where she will be shot out like an arrow. Today I say happy 25th birthday to my protégé @miztrinity we love you!”


    • Nathan Mvula Sichilongo

      I am so moved by the testimony and tribute to the servant of the most high God. Truly Trinity has a very special anointing and I am ministered to by His grace through your songs pastor William and as a fellow and upcoming servant of God hope to do something with you one day by His grace here in Zambia again. Though I missed your ministering last you were here. By Yahweh’s special Grace we shall meet and do some fishing of more souls the Gloryof the most high God the creator of heaven and earth.


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