Psalm Ebube. Revealing Jesus 2

Psalm Ebube Revealing Jesus Vol.1 & Vol. 2 Album Review and Download

Psalm Ebube is out with his anticipated double album, Revealing Jesus Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. This album was preceded by songs like Kilojasi, Mary’s Baby Boy, Ololufe Mi (Wedding Party) and few other songs.

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Thinking about the album title, Revealing Jesus, it somehow sounds similar to Nathaniel Bassey’s Jesus: The Resurrection and Life album, and Psalm Ebube’s album title just confirm that this is the season of encountering and knowing Jesus in a different dimension.


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The Album Details

The album contains 11 tracks on volume 1 and 10 tracks on volume 2, making a total of 21 tracks. This is a huge effort put together on the project, the most beautiful thing is that each track was well crafted with good productions credits to Mikky Me.

Personally, I have been following Psalm Ebube’s music journey since the birth of his first album, Ka bi Osi, and every album has been a new phase, a new level of growth in the music career of this artiste.

Greatness album which happens to be the sophomore album was celebration and gratitude with songs like Overload, Gbope Mi.

This led to a Call To Worship album in 2017, which served as the third album, this album served (and still serves) as an invitation to the altar of God to develop an intimate relationship with Him, this is the reason I am agreeing with Psalm Ebube that the leading that birth this album as Revealing Jesus, is in a move to present the Everlasting Father to everyone, not only to Christians but also to those who are having challenges of how to turn to Christ.

Impact of the album messages

The songs on this album will launch you into a new dimension with God, to experience Mighty power. Songs like Aka Jehovah, Conqueror (Asegun), Chibuike and Alewi Lese will activate your faith to do the supernatural, with powerful words from Psalm Ebube and featured artistes like Lara George, Dare David, Tomi Favoured, you can’t remain the same at the level of faith when you listen to these songs.

Kabi Osi (Deluxe), Life Is Beautiful, Otisese and Sweeter Than all reveal Jesus in a way that shows how beautiful He is with the blessings and prosperity that follows knowing Him.


Ololufe Mi, Mary’s Baby Boy and New Nigeria, One Love One World, are songs that show the huge diversity that Psalm Ebube carries, they are not just the regular song you could expect, but in terms of his delivery, we weren’t surprised that Psalm is doing something new, he is capable of it.

Revealing Jesus Vol. 1 Tracklists

Psalm Ebube. Revealing Jesus 2

1. Holy Spirit [Download] 2. Intimate Worship [Download] 3. Alewilese (Talk & Do) [Download] 4. Revealing Jesus [Download] 5. Life is Beautiful [Download] 6. Aka Jehovah [Download] 7. I More [Download] 8. Otisese [Download] 9. One Love One World [Download] 10. Onyedikagi [Download]

Revealing Jesus Vol. 2 Tracklist

Psalm Ebube. Revealing Jesus 2

1. Kilojasi [Download] 2. Odunayo [Download] 3. Conqueror (Asegun) [Download] 4. Chibuike [Download] 5. Aka Jehovah (Deluxe Version) [Download] 6. Kabio’osi (Deluxe Edition) [Download] 7. Ololufemi [Download] 8. Mary’s Baby Boy [Download] 9. Sweeter Than [Download] 10. New Nigeria [Download] 11. Oba [Download]


Listen and download songs on these albums and let us know what you think.

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