Psalm Ebube Suprises Fans With Two Free SIngles, With Gists About His New Album |@psalmebube

Psalm Ebube is back!!!
One of the highly recognized gospel artistes in Nigeria Psalm Ebube, has taken his music to another level by dropping two singles Thankful (Imore) & Overload for free as he gears up towards the release of his 3rd album Blessing Overload.

Speaking about the new single, Psalm Ebube said:

“The past weeks I have been struck by a condition I like to call Blessings Overload. I had so many wonderful things happening in my life that I could hardly keep up with them all.”

Overload is a song of prophecy, for sometimes life has been so unfair or better still our great nation has been facing economic research, everyone has been praying for a new position, a change, to some babies and to others a car, a new house, a new job, a new everything! “Blessing Overload” talks about over due and prolong blessing. Rain don’t fall except it gathers in the sky. So many blessings has gathered in the sky waiting to fall. Blessing overload is all about double portion of blessing, just imagine God giving you double portion of the response to your prayers. When God turns to you, everything turn for you, turn around you. God’s blessing don’t come once, it comes in double because the promises of God is worth waiting for.”

Both songs were produced by Mikkyme; Guiter by David “Dave G” Ebere Ubani

Download Overload 

Download Thankful (Imore)

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