Reasons why Tina Campbell postpones her new album

A lot of us so much anticipated Tina campbell’s new album ‘It’s Personal‘ which is scheduled to drop May 7, 2015, but disappointedly the album release date has been postponed indefinitely. This shifting of date is not intentional according to the 41 year old singer, but there are some things to be reviewed and steps to be taken. She however revealed the real reason behind the delay and elaborated on her struggles while compiling the album. More detaiuls below.

“I wish I had answers for exactly when my CD will be available but the truth is, I’m waiting and expecting just like all the fans. I suppose I’m learning about all the unexpected twists and turns of being independent, all while everyone, including me, watches and waits,” Campbell wrote on Twitter.

 “My plan didn’t go as planned for a May 7 album release. I sure didn’t intend to disappoint.”

The postponement of the album did not affect the launching of her book “I Need a Day To Pray” on May 7. The launching was well attended by people and her family members and friends.

Speaking on how she was discouraged during the time she was working on her album, she said:

“I’ve been fighting discouragement for three weeks because I’m doing something I’ve never done before with limited experience, expertise, resources, and help to do it. Setbacks have worked to distract and discourage me,” Campbell wrote on Instagram. “Sometimes I’ve fallen back but I wake up everyday and choose to move forward because God is with me and if God be for me, who can be against me-1 John 4:4.”

She however later explained why she chose to be encouraged.
Today I am encouraged because THE ULTIMATE ENCOURAGER ‘THE HOLY SPIRIT’ LIVES INSIDE OF ME and I’m choosing to tap into that and ignore everything else that conflicts with it-Isaiah 41:10 Deuteronomy 31.8, Joshua 1:9,” Campbell wrote. “God is more than amazing, more than able, and more than willing to manifest His love, His grace, and His power in my life and yours. All of you who have already began to support this project have encouraged me more than I can explain.”

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