Shirley Ceasar’s husband, Bishop Harold Ivory Williams dies at 93

According to EEW MagazineBishop Harold Ivory Williams, 93, was the love of Pastor Shirley Caesar’s life. Just weeks after the multiple Grammy-winning singer went public about her husband’s health challenges, he has passed away.

“My husband is much older now than I am and of course, he’s going through some physical problems,” said the 75-year-old during a brief interview with the Donnie McClurkin show in June.

Even with the downward spiral of his health, Caesar said, “Inspite of that, I love looking after him. I love being there to answer his needs.”

Williams, who has been called both a gentle and strong leader with a knack for developing other leaders, was born in 1921 in Denton, Md., eventually moving to the North Carolina area. 
He lived in Durham with Caesar. 

The two jointly led Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh, where the Friday celebration of Williams’ life, as well his Saturday Homegoing service, will be held.

According to the 
Winston-Salem Journal, he built the Mt. Calvary Holy Churches of America into a formidable denomination with churches as far away as London, the Caribbean and various parts of Africa.

It is estimated that the denomination has somewhere around 20,000 members spread across approximately 100 congregations.

Though feeble before making his transition, Williams and Caesar shared good times. “The fun time is when we can say crazy things to each other and fall out laughing about them
,” she recalled with a warm smile.Caesar added, “Bishop Williams is crazy, but I love that gentleman and I thank God for him.”

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