Should Christians be Fashionable?

Let’s face it, as Christians we have all wondered about this the entire ‘Christian Fashion’ fuss at one time or the other. Should we become less fashionable in order to reflect purity and holiness? Are there certain Christianity clothing rules we are meant to abide by in order to be seen as Christ-like? The list of questions are innumerable

From the Bible, it is crystal clear that God is concerned about how we dress. This is because how we dress equals how we represent and reveal Jesus to others. As Christians, the idea of fashion and what it brings should not become our idol. Rather, in Christian fashion, we should care about how we represent Christ rather than care about what we wear.

Truth is, a lot of Christians have the notion that being stylish or modern aren’t attributes that any Christian should possess. Here’s a bigger truth, being conservative in dressing or being modest doesn’t mean you have to be boring!

Christian fashion

Naturally, we are concerned about growing into Christ-likeness in all that we do, cultivating a sound mind, gaining wisdom in all spiritual things. All of which will help us not be conformed to the things of the world. The condition of the world has made things such that clothes which were originally meant to cover up and now meant to reveal. However, the bible admonishes us to ‘separate’ ourselves from the wickedness that the world brings 2 Corinthians 6:17.

Inasmuch as the world is evolving and there is nothing particularly wrong with looking clean and beautiful. It is essential that we do not get carried away by whatever fashion style is running the world. Still wondering how exactly Christians are meant to dress? Well this the part where we cut to the chase. Here are some Biblical principles that should guide our Christian fashion.

Let your fashion style define ‘modesty’

Stop to think of this for a minute or make that two minutes. How can a Christian lady enlightened am unbeliever on the subject of purity and the virtue of chastity when she is clad in today’s immodest fashion? It is definitely set to be a failed mission.

Clearly the concept of modesty cannot be overemphasized in Christian fashion. Your clothing and adornment should not be excessive, extreme or extravagant (1Timothy 2:9-10). If truly we seek to truly live like Jesus Christ then we will imbibe obedience and hold fast to it.

Dress up with the right motive

Christian Fashion, Fashion Style, Christianity Clothing Rules

No matter how we like to look at it. The minute to give your life to Christ, a lot of things don’t stay the same. This includes your style and how you view fashion entirely. As Christians, the love of Christ in us gears us towards inner beauty rather than outward desires. It is therefore our duty to embrace it. Your outward look should be a reflection of what you carry on the inside.

Is that dress or makeup a string simply pulling for human approval? Are you choosing to buy those shoes in order to fit in or join the competition? If your motive for dressing in a certain way or following a certain fashion trend isn’t something that would give glory to God, why bother? Ecclesiastes 9:10

Honour God in your dressing

This is more important than words will let us say. God is not against dressing well or looking good. Infact, Exodus 28:2-3 shows that God is particular about cleanliness and quality. A good number of women in the bible such as Rachel and Esther were complimented on their outward appearance.

However, we should strike a balance by honouring God with our clothing. Consider how much you spend time shopping as compared to fellowshipping with God. Are you spending more on trendy fashion rather than giving to God’s work?

Christian fashion will only be a chore if the love for God doesn’t dwell richly in our hearts. Loving God means doing His will and when His will is done, He is glorified. At the end of the day, in pursuit of being fashionable, do not lose sight of what is God’s word.

As we grow in grace, it is expected that we grow in maturity, love and raise the standards in our lives even in Christian fashion. What are your thoughts on Christian fashion? Kindly share your views with other readers.


  • Pelumi

    True…but still it is we Christians that dress well that even have bad habits ,and live all sort of ungodly life…but it’s a mandate for a good Christian to be well dress in modesty and not to reveal any part of their sensitive and attractive parts to the opposite sex when dress…because those who are not as strong in faith as one is can go astray through the conformity of our dressing

    • Olubunmi Ojo

      Thank you Pelumi, this is why we advise that our dressing should be from the standpoint of pleasing God. It should be as a result of the relationship with God. I hope you get me?

  • Ayodele Joshua

    God’s word clearly reveal that God is an excellent God. And I believe its clear that we are also called to be excellent. So there fore its expected that we should be excellent in our dressing since we are a people called by His name. Excellent simply means the highest quality achievable in a purpose driven agenda. So two things are captured here; quality and purpose. Apply both factors in a dressing.

    Purpose of dressing clears off the idea of dressing nude.

    Quality way of dressing clears out the idea of dressing shabby but at affordable level to individuals.
    So Christians should dress excellently to represent our excellent God everywhere.

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