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Song Title: Okaka
Artiste: Laura Abios ft Samsong
Album: Okaka (Single)
Release Date: September 10, 2018.

Okaka means The Strong & Mighty God. This is a new worship song by the “You Do Well” Crooner LAURA ABIOS and SAMSONG.

Laura Abios recently dropped two song Agbanilagbatan and I know. Agbanilagbatan is a song that will help you in attributing all God is deserving to Him as relating to His redeeming quality and Power. In addition, I Know is a song that expresses our confidence and belief in God, that no matter how bad, worst or ugly your situation is, God is going to fix it. He is the master fixer if we just keep believing.

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This song, Okaka affirms God as strong & mighty deliverer who helps the helpless and stand strong for the weak. This song will enable you worship God and ascribe all His honour to him. As you worship God singing this song, the Lord will respond quikly to all your requests, for we serve a strong and mighty God.

Laura Abios Okaka feat. Samsong – Download

About Laura Abios

Laura Abios is a Gospel Music Minister. She is a talented, prolific and a spirit filled soul singer who carries so much grace in her ministration and has ministered in various platforms and ministries across Nigeria and South Africa. She is also a powerful Praise & Worship leader. A Song writer, Voice Coach, Vocalist, expert in grooming Choirs and Soloists in various ministries. She has trained and coached various choirs / choristers across various ministries in Nigeria; A member of FOGMMON. She holds a BA degree in Public Administration. Her songs are currently trending with several recognition and awards on MTN Music Plus. Her songs are also being regularly played in various radio and TV stations across the country. Recently nominated for Top 10 CGMi Legacy Music Awards.

Laura Abios Okaka Lyrics

You are God

The God of All Times

(Great & Might One)

You Are God

The God of All Flesh

Okaka eh

Okaka, Okaka

(Agu nechemba) – {the great one that watches the city}

Ebu Okaka

(Ebuchimo) {You Are My God} (2x)

Okaka, Okaka

(Ebu Okaka Eh)

Ebu Okaka

Verse 2

Nanigi Buchimo {You alone are my God}

Na Only you Be My God O

The Almighty Papa Eh

Yeah Eh

Ebu Okaka

Nanigi Buchimo {You alone are my God}

Na Only You Be My God

The Almighty Papa Eh

Ezemmo – {My King}

Ebu Okaka




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