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Download Uyai Abasi by Udy Praiz

Udy Praiz drops a new song titled Uyai Abasi for free download. Uyai Absasi means Beautiful God in Efik language of the South-South Nigeria. The song is produced by Dr. ROY


About Uyai Abasi

Uyai Abasi is a beautiful song that describes a Beautiful God who does beautiful and wonderful things in our lives everyday. The song is rendered in Igbo and Efik language (the language carried in the title).

Of how much beauty can we describe about God, let’s talk about His steadfast love, His amazing grace, His unending mercy, and His countless blessings.

Uyi Abasi is a song you should download as it appreciates the beautiful nature of God to our very existence and our day to day activities.


About Udy Praiz

Udy Praiz also known as Uduak Mary Mary is a gospel singer from Obot Akara in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria.

She is an Engineer from Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

Udy Praiz delivers quality worship in concerts and live performances. She has recently released songs like ‘What A Great God You Are’ in 2017, ‘Abba Father’ in January 2018, and now, here is Uyai Abasi.


This section is to acquaint you with songs on GospelRedefined.com that have related message and theme with a song like Uyai Abasi by Udy Praiz. One of the songs will recommend is Beautiful by Tosin Oyelakin. The song Beautiful describe the beauty in the works and creation of God. you will be glad you download this song.

Another song we will recommend is ‘Oluwa Is Involved by Minister Poi‘, and the reason for this is because the song is produced also by Dr. Roy who produced Uyai Abasi for Udy Praiz. More so, Minister Poi is also an artiste from the South-South region of the nation.

Now let’s take you to what brought you here…


Download Uyai Abasi by Udy Praiz

The song Uyai Abasi by Udy Praiz is available in Mp3 format. Click the link below to download the song.


If this song has blessed you, please share your view below and tell someone about this song and where you downloaded it from.

Uyai Abasi by Udy Praiz Lyrics

Intro: Oh oh oh..Oh oh oh… oh oh oh oh.. wo..wo…..

[Verse 1:]

That is why I sing,


Chukwu Nonso! (Holy God)

You are my covenant keeping God oh..

Abasi idi Uto (God is Sweet).

Obinigwe (He That leaves in heaven)

Unchangeble changer…

you are bigger than what People call you

Abasi idi uto (God is Sweat)

Unshakable Rock…

Agunechemba muo….. (The Lion that guard my City)…

Imela (Thank you)

kabiosio (My King)

You are greater than what people call you…

Abasi idi uto (God is Sweet)

Ayayaaaa (Beautiful God)



Ayaya ohh.. k’uwem Mmi oh (God is Awesome in my life)

Ayaya ohhh (2k)

Abasi idi uto (God is Sweet)…

Oginikamgeyegi ohh (What shall I render unto u),

Chukwu ekik (God the creator )

Ayaya ohhhhh.)

[Verse 2:]

You took my Pains away.

I Love the way you did it Lord,

You wiped my Tears away,

I Love the way you did it Lord,

You are the Alfa and Omega,

Isi-iyikendu (The head river of Life)

Miracle worker,

Obstacle  Crusher…

you Never Change,

You Never Lie,

You’ve been so good to me..




Ayaya ohh.. kuwem Mmi oh (God is Awesome in my life)

Ayaya ohhh (2k) (Awesome God, my Maker,  iye..

iye.. iye.. iye.. iye iye…. your love is Sweet, your Love is kind,

You are my Sunshiine)



Ayaya ohhhh kuwemio,

Ayaya o.

Thank you Jesus,

You are beautiful,

You are consistent in your word,

Cos I remember where you brought me from,

Anana mbiet Abasi o ohhh (Incomparable God).



Ayaya ohh.. kuwem Mmi oh (God is Awesome in my life)

Ayaya ohhh (2k). (Ayaya kuwem (2*)

edise se Abasi anamde (Come and see what the Lord has done) oh oh oh.

Anam akpaniko (Truthful God).

Ofuk Owo ofong (He that Clothed)

Okwok’Owo mmong eyet (He that wipe every Tears)..

Ayaya ohh..



Ayaya ohh kuwem Mmi oh (God is Awesome in my life)

Ayaya ohhh


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