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Tamela Mann ‘One Way’ Album Download | Tracklists, Songs and Lyrics

Multiple Grammy Award® winning and Billboard Chart-Topping Singer Tamela  Mann dropped her highly-anticipated new album ONE WAY on Friday, September 9, 2016, on her Tillymann Music imprint through RED Distribution. This follows the release of the two preceding songs One Way, and God Provides which serves as the second single with its lyrics video.

Tamela Mann One Way Track List

  1. One Way
  2. Through It All
  3. Jesus Again
  4. God Provides
  5. We Exalt Your Name
  6. Potter
  7. That’s What He Did
  8. For My Good
  9. Change Me
  10. Greater
  11. Press
  12. Say Oh

One Way Album Details

An extensive multi-city U.S. tour in support of the album was launched in the fall of its year of release. One Way features the powerhouse vocalist on 12 tracks, including the Top-10 debut single “One Way” and the viral single “God Provides,” written and produced by long-time friend and collaborating partner, Gospel Music Icon Kirk Franklin. One Way marks Tamela’s fourth solo studio album, a diverse collection of songs that inspires listeners on many levels.

This project has been a labor of love,” Tamela said. “Songs by some of the top writers and producers from different genres all came together to fit into a beautiful puzzle. I believe this album is going to encourage so many – wherever they’re at. I hope people will open their hearts to receive the message of the songs and let His word speak into their life.“

For the first time, Tamela’s executive production team is a family affair helmed by Tamela, her husband and business partner, actor David Mann and son David Mann Jr. One Way is produced by the acclaimed Myron Butler and David Mann. The album’s all-star guest producer credits, in addition to Franklin include Eric Dawkins, King Logan, Shaun Martin and Timbaland. Standout songs include the old-school vibe, up-tempo debut single “One Way” written and produced by Dawkins, the powerfully emotion-filled track “The Potter,” and the beautiful ballad “God Provides” written by Tamela’s “Take Me To The King” writer/producer Franklin.

Download One Way Album by Tamela Mann

The One Way album by Tamela Mann is available for download and we will be taking One Way album tracks downloads one after the other. Let’s go!

1. Download One Way

One Way is the first track on the album and also the first track to be released as a single. The song talks that there’s only one way that a man can be saved. Listen and download One Way below.

Download One Way by Tamela Mann  | Request Free Download Link 

One Way Lyrics Tamela Mann

Yeahhh yeah yeah


You might be a millionaire
Or discovered a cure for disease
You might be cool with the president
Or have around the clock security

But none of that matters if you don’t know the Lord
Cause you can’t pay your way in
And I don’t wanna be the one to say I told ya
So I’ma scream it loud and clear

There’s only one, one, one, one way
Only one, one, one, one way
Only one, one, one, one way
If you wanna get there let me hear you say one way

One aww-oop, one way
One aww-oop.

Download One Way by Tamela Mann  | Request Free Download Link 

2. Download Through It All (Feat. Timbaland)

Through It All by Tamela is the second track on the One Way album. The track features hip-hop artiste Timbaland who also doubles as the producer of the song. Listen and download Through It All by Tamela Mann featuring Timbaland below.

Download Through It All by (feat. Timbaland)Request Free Download Link 

Through It All Lyrics

Life’s thrown many punches
Trying hard to knock me out
It’s hard but I’m fighting
Can’t let my faith waiver now

Change don’t always feel good
But I know that it’s working for me
As long as I keep standing
You’ll give me the victory

Because you promised in your word
That you will never leave me
You will never leave me nor forsake me, no

Through it all, you’re with me, yeah
through ever tear, through every pain, Lord
Through it all, you’re with me, yeah
Every mountain high, every valley low

Download Through It All by (feat. Timbaland)Request Free Download Link

3. Jesus Again by Tamela Mann

Jesus Again by Tamela Mann is the third track of the Grammy winning album ‘One Way’ by Tamela Mann in 2016. Jesus Again expresses the thirst of every believer to see and be filled with the presence of the Saviour. The song Jesus Again was co-written by Travis Greene. Download and listen to Jesus Again by Tamela Mann.

Download Jesus Again by Tamela MannRequest Free Download Link

Jesus Again Lyrics

No other name has power to heal
No other God can deliver and fill
Our hearts with compassion, grace and Your love
So immerse us again, Lord, with Your precious blood

We are hungry, thirsty
We’re desperate for mercy
We call on Your name once again

We want Jesus
We need Jesus
We want Jesus, Jesus again

We’re desperate for You, Lord
We need You

Download Jesus Again by Tamela MannRequest Free Download Link

4. God Provides by Tamela Mann

God Provides is the fourth track on the One Way album, but also the second song that preceded the release of the album. In fact, this track written by Kirk Franklin was the most anticipated and downloaded song on the album. Download God Provide by Tamela Mann below

Download God Provides by Tamela Mann mp3 free

God Provides Lyrics

God provides, so why do I worry about my life
When you come to my rescue a thousand times
Every other voice it is a lie
God provides

God provides
In ways I can’t explain and can’t deny
The little that I have he multiplies
Just when I feel he won’t show up on time
God provides

He’ll come through
When the clouds of doubt rain down on you
And test everything you thought you knew
Now you finally see what God can do, for you

So tonight,
Close your eyes
There’s no more need to fight
Watch God provide

Download God Provides by Tamela Mann mp3 free


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