Tasha Cobbs Leonard Speaks For Big Sized Women

Tasha Cobbs speaks of herself, she speaks for the people and she speak of the real person on this inside regardless of what the outward appearance says. In her recent instagram post, Tasha Cobbs Leonard reminds ladies who think they are to big or overweight to rise above the insecurities they might have attached to themselves as a result of the discouragements that have settled in over time. 

Social media exposes the heart of people. “sometimes” You ARE what you “post” to be! As a woman who has struggled with weight ALL of my life I believe it is a part of my responsibility to use my platform to speak up for those curvy or fluffy girls who may not have the courage, self esteem, or platform to speak up for themselves! Body shaming is an absolute SHAME and a true indication of immaturity. We live in a society of people who post, joke, and belittle others in order to make themselves feel better about themselves or to cover THEIR insecurities! Be bigger than that! Of course your negative, degrading, and heartless posts will tickle the fancy of those who are attracted to things of that nature… but isn’t there more to live for?! We’ve got to do better guys! It’s not funny! It’s not cute! It doesn’t make you any less LAME. PERIOD. Shout out to all my plus sized Guys and Girls out there doing their thing!!! You absolutely ROCK!!!

The Bible says  everything that God created is good and were all created for his pleasure and that includes everyone, I mean….everyone. Thanks to Tasha for this word of encouragement 

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