The Actual Comfort Zone

The problem with this generation is way far from lack of dreams and motivations. Most of us have our BIG dreams and have listened to enough motivational messages to get us THERE! We have the right words always at the tips of our tongues. We are good with eloquent and sleek rhymes.

Ever heard a really lazy and slothful student tell you, ‘Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’. Now, that’s the kind of motivated-to-do-nothing generation that we are in. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there aren’t people that are doing the actual thing, but most of us know but do nothing. Well, that’s a message for another day one of the motivational messages I really like is the message of GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! The question is, WHERE EXACTLY IS OUR COMFORT ZONE?
We all wanna have BIG dreams, and MAYBE that’s the problem. This is because with this notion, we tend to move towards capturing OUR dreams rather than God’s will for our lives. I can only imagine someone’s thought; ‘God is a big God, He’s gotta bring the big things to mind’ – lol. We think God can only bring the so-called BIG thoughts to mind, so when the ephemeral ones comes to mind, we say, ‘Get behind me satan, I’m coming outta my comfort zone’.
Here’s the point; what we have failed to recognise is that maybe our comfort zones is in the euphoria of our so-called big dreams. The sense of belonging and shelter it gives us in the midst of our friends, our parents, our lecturers and even from ourselves…
Let’s be sure that that which we run with is from God and not motivated by our desires to prove a point, to be rich or even famous. Of a fact, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

Written By: Feyi Soetan

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