The Bed Time Story – Seun Olagunju

“Mum, dad, can you tell me a story?”

I was ready to tell my son that it was too late, that there was school tomorrow and that he needed to sleep. I was ready to tell him that he had been jumpy all evening and his dad and I were only trying to hide our reliefs that finally, he’s tucked in bed and wrapped in his duvet.

I opened my mouth to talk and just then, I heard my husband say in that deep, confident voice I fell for, “Sure son. Your mum will take this round since I took yesterday’s.” Instantly, my mouth zipped and my eyes widened. I shot a glance at the man seated across me but my grin soon  urned to a smile when I saw how desperately he was trying to hide his smile. I looked at the five year old on the bed and at that moment, I saw my heart melt. He was looking at me, eyes wide with anticipation and excitement and my smile broadened.

“Okay darling” I said, “I will tell you a story. I know just the right one.” He smiled as I cleared my throat. I’m aware my husband is smiling too but I didn’t look at him. I started:

“Sometimes many years ago, God sent His son to earth. In a human body, He was called Jesus. He was an absolutely sinless and spotless man. He was Holy, living every bit as humans did but still remaining without sin. He had no speck of dirt whatsoever. He just went about doing His

Father’s will. He was amazing and God, the Father who remained in Heaven was pleased with Him. Then, prophecy had to be fulfilled and Jesus had to die but first:

-He took upon Himself every sin, every filth. He bore them; every lustful act, every lie, every murder, every theft, every slander, every gossip, every deception, every malice, hatred,  itterness, grief, every thing and He who was without sin became the very definition of filth.

-He took upon Himself every sickness, every affliction. He bore them; every virus: HIV, AIDS, cancer, bird flu, Ebola, fever, maleria, typhoid, insomnia, Amnesia, catarrh, cold, depression, headache, stomach pain, Appendix, nausea, name them. He took everything with every strip of the cane He received and by those strips, man became healed.

-He took upon Himself every debt, every loan. He bore them, poverty, the red account, loss, shame, every need and though He was very rich, yet for our sakes He became poor that we, through His poverty might be made rich. By the time the cross on which He was nailed was raised, Jesus had become really filthy and God, the Father who remained in Heaven wasn’t

so pleased with Him anymore. He had become disgusting and God couldn’t stand Him, so God turned His back. When Jesus saw this, He shouted, ‘Eloi, Eloi lama sabachthani?‘ Which means ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’

 The answer was obvious. Jesus was sin on a cross. He died shortly after and went straight to hell where for three days, He disposed every sin, every sickness and every debt and just like that, the devil unconsciously lost the battle. On the third day, the devil was completely defeated and  ictory was handed over to Jesus.

 He rose on that day and when He left back for Heaven, God, the Father who remained in Heaven was pleased with Him. He crowned Him with glory and gave Him the seat by the throne’s right side.

 It didn’t stop there, however. Jesus looked at us -the ones He had just freed, cleaned and purged, the ones who didn’t fight any battle and gave to us the victory. He conferred the authority on us…that if we can just say ‘I do’ to Him, acknowledging that indeed He came, He died, He rose, He lives, we might instantly receive the spirit of sonship, by which we also can call God, the Father, the one who is in Heaven ‘Abba, Father’. And that’s the end of my story. Son, Jesus loves you”

My son heaved and smiled. He opened his arms and I entered them, careful not to crush his little frame with mine. ‘Thank you mommy’, he whispered and I nodded, watching as he hugged his dad too. “Mommy”, he said as I rose.

“Yes baby”

“Can I also tell my friends in school tomorrow that Jesus loves them?”

This time, his dad answered, “Of course son. Jesus loves them too.”

I blew him a kiss then and as we left the room, I smiled, knowing fully well that after my trials, the story had just got through.

Written by: Seun Olagunju

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