The glass and the water… my perspective

It’s been a long day and quite frankly, I’m so happy to be home. The living room is quite a mess, as expected but I’m too tired to notice. I fling my bag, adding to the collection on the chair just as I settle in it. The sun had decided to show off today and I’m sure by now, it should be proud of itself. It’s 5:00pm and I haven’t had anything since morning. I’m dehydrated. My younger sister walks in and greets me. She makes to carry my bag but I gesture for her to stop.
“I need water first. Get me a glass”
I said, a little too commanding. Flinching, she looks at me, then at the table in front of me, then at me again. There’s a glass of water on the table and her peripatetic look tells me to go for it. I would, only that the cup of water is half empty.

Shortly, I will go back to my half empty cup of water illustration but first, there’s a story.
There was a village that existed a long time ago, probably still exists. I imagine the kind of life the villagers lived was communal, for isn’t that how it is in most villages? Everyone is a friend of the other. Everyone greets each other even if some are just phatic. I want to believe there is just one market, so everyone is a customer of the butcher and the woman who sells fish knows everybody. Typical village
lifestyle and I’m sure this village also was no exception.  Then, evil spirits, they said, entered two of the men who lived there and changed their lives. Suddenly, they weren’t husbands to their
wives anymore or brothers to their families.  They had to stop working, because nobody wanted them around and their friends became scared of them. Why?  Not that they didn’t love these men anymore, but
they said these evil spirits were ferocious and could kill. They were very violent, so these men lived in the burial ground but they came to town sometimes.
On one of such days, while they were in town, they met a man. A very handsome man they called Jesus. He performed miracles back then, so when the demons saw Him, they knew their time had come to leave the men. They however had one request, that the man, Jesus, should send them into the pigs that were feeding by the sea and He agreed. He sent them into the pigs, which in turn ran into the sea, which in turn swallowed them up.

Now, two things happened that day. Two men had just been healed and some pigs had just died. When the villagers heard the news however, they decided to bank on the perspective that was most obvious, the most “important“- the pigs. And they sent the miracle worker out of their town. The end! …But wait a minute, didn’t they look at it from the other perspective? Their men had just been given back their lives.
Their brothers had just been healed. Their husbands were back. The children had got their fathers back. The evil spirits were gone but no, they didn’t look at it that way.

My point exactly. In life, there’s a working philosophy. The philosophy of Perspectives. Actually, I’m the crooner. It says “To every situation, there are more than one perspective to viewing it.”
There’s the positive side and then, there’s the negative. It’s however not oblivious that the negative side, most of the time, is the most obvious or rather that’s the side that we humans, bank on a lot and in that process, we get completely lost in it, so much that the other side of the situation, the beautiful side, becomes obscure.

The positive perspective is the “not-so-obvious“. In fact, it’s the not obvious at all. To view it, it takes really close examination and deep thinking but it’s there, in every situation, whether it has happened or it’s yet to happen. Some call it “optimism“..seeing the good side to everything..believing that something good will come out of every issue. Some call it faith, believing the best of every issue because God has said something like that too. The Bible affirms it that God Himself approves of a person who sees things in the positive. It’s evident in the story of Joshua and Caleb. No wonder they made it to Canaan .
A positive thinker is always happy. Seeing the good in everything, he confesses the best into situations and the best eventually delivers. God would rather have us see things in this perspective because the positive perspective is God’s own perspective.

So, let’s stop dwelling too much on the negative. Look closely and you’d see something good to make out of whatever situation it is you might be passing through. To every situation indeed, there are more than one perspective. It’s a working philosophy.
   Now, going back to my half empty cup of water illustration, I eventually took the water because I came to realize that although the cup of water is half empty, it is also half full.

#Matthew 8:28-34 (The demon possessed men)
#Numbers 13:26-33 (Caleb and Joshua)

Written by: Seun Olagunju

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