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The Power of Forgiveness

Despite people’s perception, the power of forgiveness does make whole. Truly, forgiving someone doesn’t erase the past or what they did, but it helps you look upon the past with compassion.

Some time ago, I was hurt deeply by a friend. From all indications, I had done nothing wrong. I tried to understand why I had to be treated that way, hurt that way and pushed aside.

Everything was surreal.  I prayed desperately for God to fix everything as I was scared out of my mind. Nothing happened. I was bitter and truly I had a right to be. My self-esteem tricked down like blood from an open wound. My prayer life dwindled before my eyes. All of this didn’t take the pain away as I really couldn’t see any reason not to hold a grudge.

Finally, I got tired of holding this grudge and striking my soul. I knew all I needed was repentance and forgiveness and went right ahead. Sincerely the relief wasn’t immediate but as I insisted on letting the hurt go and seeing that person in a better light, I found peace.

Forgiveness is an act of faith. It is a staple character of Christians. Withholding forgiveness discolors your perception of life entirely. The power of forgiveness liberates, it removes fear. This is why it is a powerful weapon. Colossians 3:13

How forgiveness works

Forgiveness, the power of forgiveness

Although a lot of us recognize that forgiveness is a virtue, yet we find it difficult to imbibe it into our lives. Romans 12:19. Don’t expect that forgiveness with come naturally to you. But the power of forgiveness and the strength to do so is available to every Christian.

Our natural body will want to fight against forgiveness. It will hold back, it’s natural to want to grudge, hold on to the hurt and all that. However, when we come to understand that forgiveness is an act of faith, we are set free.

Importance of forgiveness

A very famous quotation says ‘To err is human and to forgive is divine’. As Christians, we understand that the perfect work of Christ is first on the basis of forgiveness. Jesus forgave us and still forgives us. If you believe you are worthy of a chance while not the next person?

Exercising the power of forgiveness doesn’t mean giving the other person power over you. Rather, it means unburdening oneself. Lewis B Smedes said ‘To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you’

We do not forgive for others, we forgive for ourselves. This in itself is the importance of forgiveness. So we can have peace, leave the past alone and enjoy the beauty of the present.

Benefits of forgiveness

Forgiveness, the power of forgiveness

  • Healthier Relationships

Forgiveness works in many ways to strengthen relationships. When you forgive, the urge to retaliate dies off as well. You get to see the person in a better light and your hurt is replaced with empathy and understanding. Matthew 6:14-15

  • Fever symptoms of depression

Trust me, the path of dealing with depression isn’t one you would want to walk simply because you are refusing to let go. Forgiving others helps you to live a healthy life. Remember the burden of pain and hurt is on you and not them. Embracing the power of forgiveness and allowing the Holy Spirit to do his work will bring ease to your life and healing to your soul.

  • Improved self-esteem

At the time when I couldn’t forgive my friend for hurting me, I lost confidence in myself. I questioned a whole lot of things about myself. I knew I was better than all that but I couldn’t see myself as more.

Letting go helps you fight inferiority complex. When you enable the power of forgiveness, you reach for a higher place. You begin to experience freshness and newness that also boosts your self-esteem

  • Happier life

You can term this as the best part of forgiveness. Letting go of the hurt, grudge, and pain helps you live a happier life. You no longer wish you hurt the person in return. You no longer want to wallow in the pain, you feel free and safe. The power of forgiveness is an eye-opening. Your life becomes even more productive when you forgive.

Don’t rush the process, walk through it with divine guidance. Forgiveness should come from within. Recently been able to forgive someone who hurt you or even forgive yourself for something you did? Kindly share your thoughts with other gospelredefined.com readers

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