The Walls Group talks how ‘Fast Forward’ their journey was

Above is The Walls Group consists of siblings (L-R) Rhea, Paco, Ajah and Darrel. 
A couple of years ago, Darrel, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah were just four siblings singing for the Lord on YouTube, now the quartet is spearheading Kirk Franklin’s record label and topping music charts with their debut album, “Fast Forward.”
The Walls Group, the quartet consisting of the Houston, Texas based Walls siblings Darrel, 23, Rhea,19, Paco,18 and Ajah,16, has already experienced what it feels like to top the iTunes Christian/Gospel Charts and receive over one million views on Vevo with their first single “Perfect People.” Although the family group was raised in a musical household with eight siblings who can all sing, the eldest four Wall siblings are on their way to become gospel music’s next big stars as The Walls Group.

The pair of sisters and brothers that comprise the group are enjoying being signed to Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Recordings /RCA label, but the short amount of time that it has happened in has surprised even them.
One minute we were just posting videos on YouTube from our living room, and the next minute Kirk Franklin’s calling and we’re signed to his label,” Ajah told The Christian Post.
The seemingly speedy journey into the gospel music industry has inspired The Walls Group’s “Fast Forward” title. However, Ajah says there is so much more behind the name for their debut album.
“We believe our music is progressive and is helping to move gospel music forward,” she told CP.
While “Fast Forward” is the group’s introduction into the world of gospel music, it does not lack star power, with features from famed Christian rapper Lecrae on “High” and singing sensation Brandy Norwood. Although Lecrae has appeared on a number of Christian albums this year, the group’s ability to enlist R&B singer Brandy on the song “God on My Mind” speaks volumes.
“We love Brandy – she’s one of our favorites and we are humbled to have her on our album,” Rhea told CP.
Darrel believes the R&B star brought something special to the group’s debut release.
“Brandy brings her faith and musicality to our album; it was really great working with her… she helped make the album pop,” he told CP.
While Darrel was able to showcase his own writing abilities by penning tracks like “Great Is Your Love” and “Freedom” on The Wall Group’s debut album, gospel musician Franklin wrote and produced eight tracks for “Fast Forward.” The group is honored to not only be the first act signed to Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Entertainment company, but to receive counsel from the legendary musician.
“One thing Kirk taught us is the fact that we are here to serve, not to be served,” Said Darrell. “And we carry that with us. We never want to forget who it’s all about.”
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