Through The Bigger Eye: The ‘REAL’ You

As children of God, we often fail to see how great we really are, how among every of God’s creation, we stand out. Rather, we form the judgment of ourselves based on two perspectives. First, how we see ourselves and second, how other people see us. These two perspectives often serve as the platforms on which low self esteem and inferiority complex are built. It’s very easy to see every other thing as better, smarter, more privileged, even greater than ourselves while we wallow within the walls of self pity and the false identity we’ve created for ourselves.

For a very long time, I saw myself as inferior, less beautiful and insignificant. Almost every body else seemed to do it better. I would just feel unnecessarily nervous when my peers were talking and would reluctantly give an opinion if required because I felt it was
insignificant. I lived within wishes and giving low self esteem a chance, it bore deep into me. Against my will, it tamed my voice, crippled my wings, made me a prey to my peers -someone who could just be taken advantage of anytime, it disrupted my social life and made me an object of pity to myself. The day a friend told me that I was letting “the Lion inside of me graze with cattle just because it doesn’t know who it really is…”, I realized it was true. 
He told me that there was a real me, one I had to discover and until I did, I would keep trying to fit into the society with other people’s perception of me as the basis. Then, one statement changed everything. He said:

 “Apart from your perception of yourself and other people’s perception of you, there’s a third view- The way God sees you.”

Now that I think about it, I actually couldn’t blame me then, neither can I blame the thousands of believers out there who still live in the shadow of a false identity. The problem is, we lack a clear revelation of who we are. No wonder His people “Perish because they lack knowledge.”
Of all the things that believers are ignorant of, one of them is the way that God sees them. His perception of us is what really matters. It’s what defines our true identity. Quite a few know this. A lady once said, “I think of myself just a little below the way God thinks of me and that’s far above what anybody else can comprehend.” I smiled when I heard it. It means she’s one of the few. This should give us a cue, God really thinks highly of us. He made that clear when He said:

“For as far as the heaven is from the earth, so are my thoughts (of you) far above yours.”

We can either choose the ‘us‘ in the light of God’s word or choose the other ‘us’. Either way, they are interwoven, almost mutually inexclusive. If we discover God’s perspective of us, we consciously align the way we see ourselves to His view and it changes everything, from thoughts to words, from attitude to deeds and from carriage to charisma, including the way others see us, which of course is irrelevant.
God put an extra effort into our creation. He didn’t just “word” us into existence like He did the rest. He delicately crafted us, intricately weaved us, planning our lives out before conception. It’s very impossible to remain depressed when you see yourself through God’s eyes. King David knew that too. No wonder he was such a glad fellow.
The truth is, there is something really big inside us, really big, it’s almost incomprehensible. Although our physical sizes doesn’t necessarily reflect this. In person, I’m really slim and I really can’t carry a bag of cement but what does that have to do with the things God has deposited inside me? Fela Durotoye described himself as “not the most handsome or the biggest person” in a crowd of 5000 but still, he is who he is. Your physical look has got nothing to do with it.
Now, I see myself as the epitome of greatness that I am, like the microorganism seen through a microscope. A wonderful work, perfectly created, marvelously sculpted inside and out, in whom God has deposited so much, irrespective of how I think I look like.
Just like my friend told me, I’ll tell you too that:  

“there is an Eagle inside you and it is ordained to soar. It’s about time it stopped hiding, flying among ducks.”

No matter what you seem like or who others say you are, know that the you within God’s word is the real you. You are greater than you think. Even mountains know this, for, anytime “you are looking at a mountain, marveling at its beauty and strength, basking in its greatness, realize it is looking right back and admiring you.” Embrace your own greatness.
(1) “In the Garden of Thoughts”
(2) Psalm 139
Written By:  Seun Olagunju

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