Top 3 reasons why you should not leave the church

This is simple. Genesis 11:4-8, The devil cannot stand unity around the mission so he makes it difficult to see the importance of church and soon enough all you want to do is leave.

Here’s the truth. God doesn’t just do things. He’s fully aware of the paths we are meant to walk through in life and He sets us in line. This implies that God places his children purposefully. Your lack of commitment in church only means that you are not playing your part as a member of the body of Christ.

In Hebrews 10:25, we see that there is so much importance of church attendance. Also, beyond being in church, we should be the church. Maybe your mind’s made up and you just want to give up on every reason to stay. Maybe you are still contemplating wondering if you are making the right decision. Here are 3 reasons why you should stay in church.

You need to be in relationship with other believers

Importance of church, church membership, church, commitment

As part of the body of Christ, we need to fit into the body of believers also. You can not stand alone as an individual member of the body of Christ. You need to connect with other people who are running the same race. Acts 2:42

We need each other to learn, to grow in faith. To teach each other how to love and love right, in unfolding and exercising our spiritual gifts in order to live the best life for God Romans 12:5. This is one of the importance of the church in our lives as Christians

To sustain the people God has given us

Think of this for a moment. How would you react if you found out that the person who led you to Christ is no longer in Christ? It’s disheartening. You begin to question the very things that God has said and the importance of the church.

In the same light, your church membership commitment goes a long way in encouraging our converts to keep pressing on the mark.

One mistake we make as Christians is seeking out only what the church can do for us. A lot of times, we have qualifications in our heads for our church leaders and workers. The minute you do not meet that, all you want to do is run.

The truth is that God has called us to a body of diversity, we should learn to accommodate one another the best way

We are the church

Importance of church, church membership, church, commitment

When the word church is mentioned, what should come to mind is a people rather than a building. Apostle Paul described the church as people who are committed to doing whatever is necessary to reach out and help others. This in itself is the importance of the church.

Our love for God and commitment to the things He has commanded is not subject to people’s actions. Do not allow their words or ugly acts sway you sweetly. We are the body of Christ and should, therefore, live as one.

In times when you want to give up on God and the church, faithfully amplify the voice of God above any other voice. Let God’s word drown your fears and uncertainty

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