Top 4 Most Anticipated Album in 2017

Albums we can’t wait for in 2017!
In no particular order, I am confident that these albums will shake this year. In the review below we will tell you why any album that will dethrone this 4 album will have to go beyond extra mile to do so.

1. William McDowell Sound of Revival 2

The first part of this album Sound of Revival earned 10 stellar awards, and we believe he was saving the best for last with the amazing featuring and stellar collaborations he has on the album with the likes of Jonathan McReynolds, Brian Courtney Wilson, and so much more, we believe the once Grammy Nominated singer for the album Withholding Nothing is about to make history again!

2. Bloody Win by Tye Tribbett

Ok! first, this is Tye Tribbett, you know we will always get more than we bargained for from this energetic singer. The forthcoming album was recorded live in two locations in the US.

Did you miss Tye Tribbett’s Filmmore Live recording? Here is What happened
The first single off the album “Work It Out” generated so much buzz and lots of people are yet to recover from that, instead they want more.

 Free Download: Work It Out  – Tye Tribbett

Tye has improved his music since he dropped Greater Than album in 2013, the album received 3 Grammy nominations and won 2. Tye Tribbett is going to make our year great again with this album. The album is set to drop in the second quarter of this year.

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3. Lecrae’s 8th Studio Album
Lecrae is one man who has bridged the gap between hip-hop and gospel, with his words and wars, he has silenced so many religious hypocrite and has raised the hope of so many  by addressing controversial topics such as social injustice, racism, corrupt government policy and that Christ is the best solution to any mankind problem. This Yet to be titled album will be Lecrae’s 8th studio album and a recently concluded Destination Tour paved way for the album aimed to drop in the first quarter of this year.

Lecrae Scores #1 Album on Billboard 200 With ‘Anomaly’

Looking at the impact Lecrae has made with his mixtapes Church Clothes (2012) and Church Clothes 2 (2014) followed by the Grammy Winning album Anomaly (2015) and the Church Clothes 3 Mixtape, we expect the forthcoming album with keep the trend.
When you mention Christian Rapper, it’s either Lecrae pops into your mind or you still don’t understand the topic discussed quite alright.

4. WOW Gospel 2017

it does not matter how long our list is, it is incomplete without this album. WOW Gospel every year, are known for a beautiful compilation of the best gospel songs that made great impact on charts and airplays. The album which include 31 songs in 2CDs has a way of shifting our gaze to the beautiful talents and songs that most of us didn’t get to opportunity to listen to. You will agree with me that this album is the last but not the least.

WOW Gospel 2017 Tracklists of 31 Hit Songs + Videos

NB: These albums are rated based on our perception since 2016, and does not include albums that are not yet produced or recorded. Nevertheless, we believe the much effort put in this album will make them an outstanding one in this year.

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