Tye Tribbett Set For ‘Bloody Win Part II’ Live Recording Featuring His Former Choir GA

Tye Tribbett is set to go on to the second phase of his new album Live Recording titled The Bloddy Win Live Part II. The concert which is a sequel to the Live recording held in May is expected to have Tye’s first set of choir, Greater Anointing popularly called GA.

The GA recorded the albums Live (2004), Stand Out,  and Victory Live with Tye Tribbett before splitting and he dropped the first album without them (Fresh) in 2010.

The radical singer, songwriter, and preacher who’s known for his edgy and energetic live performances, continues to shatter the mold of what is traditionally known as Gospel music. A true innovator, with one of the most relevant voices of this generation, Tribbett is set to create a dynamic new caliber of music.

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