Video: Brian Courtney Wilson – A Great Work

Brian Courtney Wilson. A Great Work

Brian Courtney Wilson blesses us with the video of Great Work.
Great Work is the lead single on Brian Wilson’s latest album that bears the same title A Great Work released in March 2018.
The new video was shot in a Salon, on the street and in a church filled with choir. watch the video below.

Download A Great Work by Brian Courtney Wilson

Brian Courtney Wilson  – A Great Work Video

About The Song – A Great Work

According to Brian Courtney Wilson, “The song, ‘A Great Work,’ is intended to inspire you to keep planting your seed of faith for a harvest of greatness,” explained Wilson. “Life can be filled with many twists, turns, and attacks on your spirit. I want to encourage you to endure, believing that the great things you plant for today will matter for generations to come.”

This song inspires you with these words (Excerpts from the A Great Work Lyrics)

Sometimes there are obstacles in the road
That can leave you feeling low
And you don’t know how to move forward
And sometimes there are turns you wanna take
But the way gets hard to trace
Now you’re wondering how did you get here
But don’t you give up
Until you see
How God is ordering your steps
So you can walk into your season

He that has begun
A great work in you
Is faithful to perform it
God is faithful to perform it

I declare
You will know the favor of the Lord
And receive a harvest for your seed
And in due time
God will blow your mind
With what He planted inside of you
To bless the world as it blooms

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