Video: Mateo Vic – Killin’ Em (Igwe)

Whenever Mateo Vic steps in the booth, he expects to wreck the studio, figuratively of course. This has become an expectation by his fans all over the world. He did not disappoint when he released his first single of the year, Killin’ Em (Igwe), while we anticipate for his upcoming album set to be released Spring 2015.

Killin’ Em (Igwe) embraces his typical lyrical style while visually projecting his African background through the characters, outfit, and actions. Slowly introducing his fans a more versatile style, Mateo Vic is taking the next big step forward with his upcoming album, Fountain of Youth. The few, who has been privileged to hear the album in its entirety, has penned it down to be nominated and win numerous awards.

Killin’ Em (Igwe) video is directed by Mateo Vic and Amgrateful of Grate Productions.

Can’t see video? Click Here

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