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Video: Tasha Page-Lockhart with Kirk Franklin dives into her addiction and molestation days

Here is the video of an interview that Kirk Franklin and Tasha Page-Lockhart conducted recently. Tasha talked about overcoming molestation at the hands of an uncle and her struggle with drugs.
There are millions of children growing up in the church, but the church is not growing up in them. They are lost in the pews. Tasha Page-Lockhart, season six winner of BET’s Sunday Best, was once one of them. But the new artist signed to Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Entertainment label refuses to hide her dark history of sexual molestation, drug abuse and promiscuity, even if it does make others uncomfortable. She disclose this in the interview on Arise 360 with Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon Lainer. More of her story and video after this cut.

“I grew up in a time where the church taught us how to be fake,” said the “Different” singer in an interview with UK blog site, That Grape Juice. “I’m not really concerned about people who don’t want to hear it.”
Page-Lockhart has shared the tragedy of being sexually violated by family and and trusted friends of the family the time she was 7, all the way until she turned 14.
While her parents were leading a church and enjoying success in their respective musical careers, a firestorm of anger and bitterness was brewing within their lost daughter.
By 17, she had gotten pregnant and dropped out of school.
“A lot of people who are not telling their stories are probably still in a place of struggle and haven’t overcome yet,” Page Lockhart suggested. “Some people are afraid and are more concerned with image and selling records, so they’re afraid to talk about their past of ‘sleeping around’ or ‘smoking weed’.”

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Now married and busy with her budding gospel career, Page Lockhart said “God is raising up people like myself”—people unashamed of being truthful and authentic, no matter how ugly that truth turns out to be.
Get Tasha Page-Lockhart’s new single, “Different“. Different is off her new album titled ‘Here Right Now‘. The album will be available for purchase on August 5, 2014.

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