What exactly Prayer has got to do with Nigeria’s Present Situation – Nigerians, to pray or to act?

Last week, we obviously had our own share of mourning in Nigeria. Nigerians have had a lot to take in, ranging from defeat in the world cup losing to Argentina, two goals to a lone goal; to really serious issues. On Sunday, 24th of  June, no less than 150 were slaughtered in Barkin Ladi local government of Plateau state by said Fulani herdsmen. Like that was not enough, on the Thursday of the same week,  a petrol tanker with failed brakes exploded into an inferno, gutted over 50 cars, and took along with it about nine lives at the Otedola bridge in Berger area.

Of course, Nigerians are aggrieved. A number of posts reading ‘what have we done?’ , ‘who have we offended?’, ‘Nigeria is not safe!’, ‘This so unfair’ flooded our social media platforms. There were calls to point out the lawlessness and carelessness of the government and the people, calls for men to pray – many even did on their social media platforms, there were calls to mourn, open arguments, with Nigerians proffering solution – pray, act, protest, leave, and the likes. A friend of mine said, we should just calm down and let people mourn as it best appeals to them.

Another friend of mine said God is neither deaf nor incapacitated. We need to sort our selfish issues as Nigerians, and put things in place to show that we regard human life, true; but I won’t be so quick to dismiss prayer as such, neither would I proffer it the solution. There are things to do as Nigerians, but what exactly should we be doing as Christians? Have we indeed prayed enough? Is it time to carry placards and protest? 

In my own opinion, the first thing I believe we should do is try as much as possible not to allow fear a place in our hearts. If you ask me, fear is selfish! It comes to play when we start considering our fate (not the fate of the country o), but our fate in a country as ours. We should understand that as much as these occurrences might be a result of our carelessness or irresponsibility, the devil is using it to emit a lot of fear from us, even Christians, creating an atmosphere that chokes out our awareness to the presence of God.

As to whether we should be praying or not, there is one opinion I hold dear to my heart. Poju Oyemade says ‘if we keep resorting to religious explanations for our practical problems, we will not progress as a nation. The main purpose of prayer is to hear from God. He gives you instruction on what to do. It’s our doing something that changes things. Prayer by itself wont, action does’. It is really important for us to note that he has not asked us not to pray, but has said that  prayer in itself wont change things. Permit me to refer to the bible days, kings like Jehosaphat would always inquire of the Lord WHAT TO DO, if you get my drift.

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Perhaps we are praying, but we are not praying aright. Nigeria is blessed with resources, resources of men that can inquire of the Lord WHAT TO DO. It seems easier for us to use our relationship with God to inquire how to get our daily bread, but not how to heal our land? I dare tell the world to hold on to a Christian, not let him go, until he inquires of his God and tell his immediate environment what to do, and does it himself. There are things hidden,  things we can reveal,  yet,  a lot we can do.  Do not let us be too quick to proffer just solutions of responsibility and the likes, for there is a seer in Nigeria! I look forward to a time when leaders through Godly wisdom would make decisions and implement them for a better Nigeria. There is a lot to do, even with us.

Remember that I have not said that we should not do what should be done, but that we should be guided by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

They have said of us that soon we would forget, we would forget our pains, and lick our own wounds, until we allow yet another one remind us. The intensity of our ‘fearfulness’ today will not determine the extent to which we would remember, but the actions we take today can determine the extent to which we will remember. There’s a lot to do…there’s a lot to pray about.

Please,  feel free to share your opinions and additions on what exactly we should be doing as Christians in our present state.

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