What Kirk Franklin has to say about Erica Campbell’s ‘Trap Gospel’ song

When it comes to controversial matters, Kirk Franklin is a straightforward person who will say things the way they are. He once commented on Preachers of L.A and said “You’ll never see your boy on real pastors of L.A. This time, when his opinion about Erica Campbell’s trap gospel song ‘I Luh God’ was questioned, Kirk stays on the defensive side.

I am very, very good friends with Erica, and she has a great heart for God, she has a great heart for ministry, and I just believe that the heart always wins,” says Kirk..
“It’s very hard when you hear churches talk about you,” Franklin says. “And some people start to question your heart, and when some people start to question your motives, it could be very hard for you because you’re in your early 20s and you don’t really understand what all the fuss is about, because you’re doing just what’s real to you.”

What matters more, the style of the song or the heart of the singer.

Listen to I Luh God here and tell us what you think about the song.

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