William McDowell and wife Latae celebrate 7th year wedding anniversary

Last week, the couples welcome a new baby,  christened Joy into their family. Today, they are celebrating their wedding of its 7th year anniversary.

Being her first time on Instagram, La Tae McDowell shared a wonderful story about their union and  so many other things we do not know about the renowned worship leader William McDowell. Read the story below

“7 years ago today I married this man. He was my greatest friend and my greatest debate opponent 😉. He was my greatest challenger and yet at the same time, my greatest supporter. He was and he still is. Yes he is a Grammy Award nominated, Dove Award nominated and Stellar Award winning Artist. He is an ASCAP award winning Song-Writer. He is a world traveling Artist/ Worship Leader, a Senior Pastor, a Mentor, a Businessman, and countless of other things to many people (not a shameless plug). That he is and I am proud of him for it, but I married him for reasons that differ. As a matter of fact, he was none of those things when I met him, with the exception of one and a variation of two others. He was a mentor, he was a Worship Leader that was not traveling at the time, and he was a businessman who’s business wasn’t profitable at the time, but he did an incredible job running and managing it if I must say so. He is so much more than all of that to me. He is my friend (my best friend). He is my hero. He is the father of my children. He is the provider of our family. He is my mentor. He is my Pastor. He is my most trusted adviser. He is my covering. He is my comedian 😂, he keeps me laughing. He is my lover. He holds my hand when I need him to. He makes me feel safe. He is my teddy bear (throwback), I am most comfortable around him. I call him “baby” or “babe”. He is my husband. We have experienced so much together in the last 7 years. We encountered many challenges and many victories. We have grown so much. God has orchestrated our every turn. It’s been an amazing journey with him and we are far from finished. I am confident to face every day that God allows because no matter what comes I don’t have to face it alone. I have grown so much simply because he is in my life and I have seen him grow so much also…As a man, a husband, a father, and a leader. I have said this before and I’ll say it again because it is a simple truth…. Next to Christ of course, my husband is a manifestation of God’s love for me. Happy Anniversary William!!! I love you more than I did on that day 7 years ago. You still have my heart & you always will! I love you!!!”

Congratulations to lovely couples and their entire family!


  • Marcia

    This open sharing by Mrs. McDowell brought tears to my eyes. I wan to honour my husband in the very same way. God bless you both and keep your union grounded in Christ.

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