William McDowell Falls and Breaks His Arm While Performing Miracles: The Update

William McDowell ministering healing

While ministering at his Church Deeper Fellowship Church last week, Worship leader William McDowell tripped off the altar while healing was going on, and as a result he broke his thumb so severe he is going to need to go through surgery and healing time.

Thank you for your prayers, we have also brought you update of the recovery process. Keep reading for details.

He posted the incident on his Instagram page

Family and friends I could use your prayers! Last night at presence night we were ministering and God gave words of knowledge about specific healings that were taking place in the room. A left shoulder healed, heart palpitations healed, a rotator cuff injury healed, a man with tinnitus for 40 years was healed. Another lady had her right ear pop open and was healed. As I was going to give the testimony I tripped and fell. I got right back up but could tell that something was wrong. I ended up going to the hospital for what I thought was a sprain only to learn that I completely tore/severed the ligament that connects my thumb to the rest of my hand. Waiting now to see if I’ll need surgery. Clearly after releasing the #itshappeningbook and sharing these testimonies even here on socials the enemy is angry about it. This all happened while I was praying for others to be healed. Attacking the very hands used to pray for others. Now I am asking you guys to pray for me. The recovery will be a while. However I’ve seen God do the miraculous with my own eyes and He can do it for me to! Pray for me! #itshappening #still
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Update of the recovery process 


Hello everyone! Many have been asking about my hand and here is the update. First thank you all so much for your prayers and comments and cards and flowers sent to the church and some to my home. After an MRI and talking with the surgeon he says it’s too bad to heal on its own. It’s slightly worse than the X-Ray initially showed. The ligament is not only completely torn away but folded in on itself in addition to an avulsion fracture which has caused loose bone fragments in my hand. As a result he says it would actually never reconnect/heal on its own. They strongly feel that surgery is the only option to fix it. I believe that God can do anything including reattach ligaments. In fact 2 people who were healed in some of our services testified today of God doing that very thing for them during this outpouring we’ve been experiencing. Praise God! After prayer and wise counsel with my wife, the elders that serve alongside me at @deeper_church and my covering I’m at peace to go through with the surgery so it can heal properly. The surgery will take place this coming week unless of course God does something supernaturally before then. Surgery is not a lesser form of healing and I still need your prayer for the doctors to do their part right so that God can ultimately heal it. There will be a lengthy recovery time and physical therapy after the surgery to regain full range of motion but we will get through it. Thank you for standing and believing God with me. It’s a lot but God is faithful and He’s always good! Keep praying for me and my wife @simplylatae who is also due to give birth any day now. Also help us pray that God sends the right help for our family in this season. We will need it. God bless you all!
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The Healing Service at Deeper Fellowship Church

This isn’t the first time miracle and healing happens in McDowell’s church, in fact, it has become a norm. You can read one on the miracle story of how another deaf woman’s ears popped open.

However it is obvious that the devil always wage war against the saints for William McDowell has so far being a force to reconcile with in the Kingdom with is revival message. In April 2018, William McDowell launched his book “It Is Happening” with free chapters and he also expects his fifth baby with his wife LaTae McDowell.

He needs our prayers! and may the healing hands of God rest on him and bring quick recovery.

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