William McDowell Shares Beautiful Picture and Birth Story of His New Baby

Worship leader William McDowell and his family welcome a new baby into their family yesterday, and he couldn’t keep his excitement as he took on to his social media account to share the birth of baby Joy.

“Joy is here! 
8lbs 3oz
It happened so fast that it almost happened in the car! We got to the hospital, I dropped my wife off and parked. When I came in she was at registration and was walking over to triage to do the initial examination when she said OMG my water just broke and I feel the head! She was standing up at the time  
They barely had time to get her to a room in triage. The baby was coming out before she could get to the bed!!!!! She laid on the bed and 2 minutes later the baby was out! She got to the room at 2:55am and baby Joy was born at 2:57am! Thank you Jesus! What a night. Joy has already brought us joy. #ilovemywife #ilovemykids.‎”

Congratulations to the entire family

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