Wole Soyinka: “Religion Will Kill Us In Nigeria”

I want to believe he didn’t include Christians in his mind.
The Nobel Prize winner maid his remark on Thursday in Abuja at a book launch of renowned professor and author, Olufemi Vaughan.

He noted that he was not canvassing for religious studies but the study of religion, adding that the innocent ones were the ones who often pay the ultimate price in religious crisis.

He, however, called for religion to be critically taught in schools in Nigeria.

He said, “If we do not tame religion in Nigeria, religion will kill us.
“Many Nigerians have paid the ultimate price because of religion and religion is now embedded in our society.

“The innocent ones are the ones who often pay the ultimate price in religious crisis. Even religious leaders cannot denounce the murdering acts of religion.
“Religion now induce trauma and anxiety instead of solace that it claims to give. Religion is the ironic product of human inadequacy.
“There is a monster always waiting to pounce on innocent Nigerians under the name of religion,” he added.
Soyinka said this in the heat of the recent killings of Christians in Southern Kaduna, an incident which has continued to fuel mutual mistrust among the diverse ethnic and religious groups in the country.

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